All 7 Individuals Found Safe After Getting Lost in Forest Near Bakam Waterfall Miri


All 7 Individuals Found Safe After Getting Lost in Forest Near Bakam Waterfall in Miri

All 7 Individuals Found Safe After Getting Lost in Forest Near Bakam Waterfall Miri
All 7 Individuals Found Safe After Getting Lost in Forest Near Bakam Waterfall Miri

Prompt Rescue Efforts Ensure Safe Return

Miri, July 2: Seven individuals who ventured into the forest near Bakam Waterfall found themselves lost, sparking a swift response from the Miri Central Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba). The incident, which unfolded today, underscored the importance of preparedness and community assistance in remote recreational areas.

Distress Call Triggers Rapid Response

At approximately 3:14 PM local time, a distress call alerted authorities to the plight of the group, abruptly cutting off mid-conversation. Concerned for their safety, Miri Central fire station immediately mobilized a comprehensive search and rescue operation. The urgency was compounded by the rugged terrain and potential hazards of the forest.

Collaborative Efforts Lead to Success

With assistance from nearby villagers, Bomba personnel swiftly organized search teams to comb through the dense foliage surrounding Bakam Waterfall. The collaboration proved fruitful, as all seven individuals were located unharmed. Their identities—Mohd Aidit Alfian Mohamad Faizuratul Izwan, Mohamad Ramadan Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Shahrizan Sahalie, Muhammad Azamuddin Padil, Mohamad Syaqirul Faqih Kamis, Mohammad Shiraz Ramirez Abdullah Mohamad Imran, and Hafiszuddin Husman—highlighted the diversity of those involved.

Minor Injury Amid Relief

During the ordeal, one member of the group sustained a minor hand injury while navigating the challenging terrain. Fortunately, prompt medical attention ensured that no further interventions were necessary, and all individuals were safely accounted for without further incident.

Lessons Learned and Precautions Advised

Reflecting on the incident, Bomba emphasized the importance of informing local authorities or residents before embarking on outdoor activities in unfamiliar areas. This proactive step can prevent similar emergencies, ensuring a safer experience for all recreational enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Safety First

Today’s events near Bakam Waterfall serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of outdoor exploration. Through coordinated efforts and community support, Miri’s emergency responders successfully resolved a potentially dangerous situation. As residents and visitors alike enjoy the natural beauty of Miri’s landscapes, prioritizing safety remains paramount.


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