Bau Cat Beheader Sentenced to 4 1/2 Years Jail: Threatened Mother After Gruesome Act


KUCHING Court Delivers Verdict on Cat Beheading and Threatening Mother Case

Bau Cat Beheader Sentenced to 4 12 Years Jail Threatened Mother After Gruesome Act
Bau Cat Beheader Sentenced to 4 12 Years Jail Threatened Mother After Gruesome Act

KUCHING, June 19 – In a startling and tragic case that shook the quiet town of Bau, a 33-year-old man has been sentenced to a total of four years and six months in prison for heinous crimes committed against a helpless animal and his own mother. The Sessions Court delivered its verdict today, marking the end of a disturbing saga that began last month.

The Crimes

Jefrie Drahman, a resident of Kampung Keranji in Bau, committed two grave offences on May 15. First, he mercilessly beheaded his uncle’s cat using a butcher’s knife. Following this gruesome act, he proceeded to threaten his 70-year-old mother’s life, horrifying her by showing her the mutilated remains of the poor animal. This terrifying sequence of events unfolded at their residence around 12:40 pm, leaving both the victimized cat and Jefrie’s mother in a state of profound shock and fear.

Legal Proceedings and Verdict

Today, Judge Musli Ab Hamid pronounced Jefrie guilty based on his own plea. The charges brought against him were serious and fell under the purview of Malaysia’s Penal Code. For the offence of animal cruelty under Section 428, Jefrie received a sentence of 18 months in prison. In addition, for the charge of threatening his mother’s life under Section 506, he was handed a harsher sentence of three years’ imprisonment. The judge decided that both sentences would run concurrently.

Background and Motivation

The court proceedings shed light on Jefrie’s troubled state, exacerbated by drug use as confirmed by reports. His actions not only violated the law but also deeply disturbed the peace of his family and community. His mother’s decision to report the incident to the authorities promptly resulted in Jefrie’s arrest on the same day, preventing further escalation of violence.

Judicial Commentary

Deputy Public Prosecutor Norshafatihah Nor Azmi represented the prosecution in this case, emphasizing the seriousness of Jefrie’s actions and their impact on society. Despite the gravity of the charges, Jefrie opted not to seek legal counsel, possibly affecting his ability to defend himself effectively during the trial.


The sentencing of Jefrie Drahman reflects the judicial system’s commitment to upholding justice and ensuring the safety of all citizens, including vulnerable animals and family members. The case, investigated meticulously by Sgt Mohammad Asfia Ilias, serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of violent behavior and substance abuse.

In conclusion, while justice has been served with the sentencing of Jefrie Drahman, the scars left by his actions may take much longer to heal for both his family and the community of Bau.


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