Beast Philanthropy’s New Video: “We Rebuilt a Village” – A Story of Hope and Transformation


A Journey of Compassion and Commitment

Beast Philanthropy's New Video We Rebuilt a Village – A Story of Hope and Transformation
Beast Philanthropy’s New Video We Rebuilt a Village – A Story of Hope and Transformation

Visiting the Village of Mapapa, Zambia

A year ago, Beast Philanthropy visited a rural village in Mapapa, Zambia, where the challenges were daunting. The community faced a lack of electricity, limited access to clean water, high crime rates, and numerous other issues. Yet, amidst these hardships, one woman stood out as a beacon of hope—Dora.

Dora’s Vision: From TikTok to Real-Life Impact

Five years ago, Dora moved to Mapapa with her four adopted children. With a heart full of determination, she started making TikTok videos to raise funds for building a school and village for children in desperate need. Her account quickly grew to over 4 million followers, allowing her to care for nearly 400 children. Despite her tireless efforts, the costs of supporting these kids remained an ongoing challenge.

Transformative Partnerships and Community Support

The Power of Solar Energy

Moved by Dora’s dedication, Beast Philanthropy partnered with Give Power to construct a solar array, providing much-needed electricity and security to the village. For many children, it was the first time they experienced light at night.

Doubling Down on Commitment

Realizing the immense needs of the village, Beast Philanthropy committed to doubling their contribution. This involved tripling the solar generation capacity, conducting a hydrological study to ensure a steady supply of clean water, and installing a state-of-the-art internet network.

Building a Brighter Future

Clean Water: A New Beginning

One of the first major projects was constructing a well, bringing fresh drinking water to the village for the first time. This not only improved the health of the children but also boosted their confidence as they now lived in a cleaner, safer environment.

Medical Miracles: Saving Beauty’s Leg

One heart-wrenching story was that of Beauty, a shy girl whose leg was at risk of amputation due to gangrene. Beast Philanthropy intervened, partnering with Cure International, and managed to save her leg through three surgeries over three months. Beauty’s transformation from a timid girl to a bubbly, talkative child was a testament to the life-changing impact of their efforts.

Enhancing Daily Life

Reliable Transportation

Dora faced the daily struggle of traveling long distances to buy food, often with an old, unreliable car. After a car accident, Beast Philanthropy quickly provided Dora with a new car, ensuring she could safely and efficiently get supplies for the village.

Sustainable Food Sources

With clean water and reliable transportation, Dora’s village became more self-sufficient. They now grow vegetables, cultivate a chicken coop, and maintain a fish pond, providing nutritious food for the children. Additionally, a new commercial gas stove reduced their dependence on charcoal for cooking.

Connecting with the World

High-Speed Internet: Bridging the Gap

The new solar grid enabled the installation of a Starlink Wi-Fi router, significantly enhancing the village’s internet connectivity. Dora can now upload TikTok videos more efficiently, generating more funds to support the community. The improved internet also means the village is no longer isolated, increasing their safety and connection to the world.

Celebrating Achievements

Dora, Dan, and Darren reunited with the village to witness the incredible progress. The children were thriving, and the village was more self-sufficient and connected than ever before. They celebrated the transformation, with Dora expressing profound gratitude for the support that made it all possible.

The Impact of Generosity

Dedication of the Beast Philanthropy House

The reconstruction of the dormitory, previously destroyed by a storm, was completed thanks to donations from supporters. The newly rebuilt dorm was dedicated as the Beast Philanthropy House, a symbol of the collective effort to improve the lives of these children.

A Message of Appreciation

The story of Dora and the village of Mapapa is a powerful reminder of the impact of compassion and generosity. Beast Philanthropy’s support, combined with the contributions of countless individuals, has created a brighter future for hundreds of children. Dora’s unwavering commitment and the community’s resilience are truly inspiring, showing that together, we can make a difference.


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