Breaking News: Missouri Photographer and Diver Uncover Vital Clue in Decade-Long Missing Person Case


Discovery by James Hanle May Solve 10-Year-Old Mystery

In a significant breakthrough, James Hanle, a Missouri photographer and diver, has uncovered a crucial clue that could help solve the decade-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of Donald Irwin. Hanle’s unique combination of photography and diving skills has played a pivotal role in the ongoing search for the missing man.

Background: A Decade-Long Mystery

Donald Irwin went missing in 2013 during a routine trip to a store, and for the past ten years, neither he nor his car has been located. The recent development comes as James Hanle, in his spare time, flew his drone over various locations associated with Irwin’s last known whereabouts.

The Discovery: A Lighter-Colored Object in a Pond

Recounting the moment of discovery, Hanle explained that he observed a lighter-colored object underwater in a pond while flying over the area where Irwin was last seen. Intrigued by the anomaly, he flew closer and realized it could be the missing person’s car.

Confirmation by Authorities: A Major Breakthrough

Authorities later confirmed that the object pulled from the water was indeed Donald Irwin’s car. The Camden County Sheriff’s Office has termed this discovery as a major breakthrough in a case that has baffled investigators for a decade.

Independent Investigation: Hanle’s Dedication to the Search

James Hanle had been actively involved in an independent investigation, studying maps and exploring different locations with his kayak and sonar equipment. While Irwin’s whereabouts or remains are yet to be located, the discovery of his car has injected a renewed sense of hope into the community.

Emotional Impact: Overwhelming Yet Honoring

Reflecting on the emotional impact, Hanle shared that the experience was overwhelming and, at times, saddening. However, he expressed a sense of honor in being part of the effort, particularly because Donald Irwin was a veteran.

Community Hope: Anticipation for Irwin’s Discovery

The community is now optimistic that Donald Irwin will be found soon, potentially bringing closure to this enduring and mysterious case. The collaborative efforts between James Hanle and law enforcement underscore the significance of community involvement in solving longstanding mysteries.

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