CMAA Youth Lion Dance Teams Head to Sibu for the 2024 Sarawak Traditional Southern Lion Dance League


Triumph Awaits: CMAA Youth Lion Dance Teams Set for Sibu

CMAA Youth Lion Dance Teams Head to Sibu for the 2024 Sarawak Traditional Southern Lion Dance League
CMAA Youth Lion Dance Teams Head to Sibu for the 2024 Sarawak Traditional Southern Lion Dance League

On this memorable Wednesday, the Chinese Martial Arts Fitness Institute’s Youth League, including Lion Dance Teams A and B, is gearing up for a significant event. These talented young athletes are preparing to travel to Sibu to participate in the highly anticipated 2024 Sarawak Traditional Southern Lion Dance League and Inter-School Competition. The excitement is palpable as the teams aim for a triumphant return.

The Event: A Showcase of Skill and Tradition

Southern Lion Dance League and Inter-School Competition

The competition will be held on July 13 and 14 at the Yu-cai Lian Basketball Court of Sibu Guangmin Middle School. This event is a unique blend of tradition and athleticism, bringing together young performers from various schools to compete in the intricate and vibrant art of lion dance.

Youth League of China Martial Arts Fitness Institute

The Chinese Martial Arts Fitness Institute (CMAA) is renowned for its dedication to preserving and promoting traditional martial arts and lion dance. The Youth League’s participation in this competition highlights the organization’s commitment to nurturing young talent and keeping cultural traditions alive.

Meet the Teams: Lion Dance A and B

Team A: The Vanguards

Lion Dance Team A is known for its precision and energetic performances. These young athletes have been training rigorously, honing their skills to perfection. Their routines are characterized by intricate footwork, synchronized movements, and impressive stunts that captivate audiences.

Team B: The Rising Stars

Lion Dance Team B, while newer to the scene, has quickly made a name for itself with its innovative routines and dynamic performances. This team’s creativity and dedication are evident in every performance, making them strong contenders in the upcoming competition.

The Road to Sibu: Preparation and Training

Rigorous Training Regimen

Both teams have been following a strict training regimen in preparation for the competition. Their training includes not only physical conditioning but also mastering the complex choreography and acrobatic stunts that are the hallmark of lion dance.

Community Support

The local community has shown tremendous support for the teams, rallying behind them with words of encouragement and financial support. This backing has been crucial in providing the resources needed for the teams to travel and compete.

The Competition: What to Expect

July 13 and 14 at Yu-cai Lian Basketball Court

The first game of the competition will kick off on July 13, with teams from various schools competing in a series of performances. The Yu-cai Lian Basketball Court at Sibu Guangmin Middle School will be the center of this cultural celebration, filled with the sounds of drums, gongs, and the roars of the lion dance.

Categories and Judging Criteria

The competition will feature various categories, each judged on specific criteria such as synchronization, creativity, difficulty of stunts, and overall performance. Judges will be looking for teams that can seamlessly blend traditional elements with modern flair, showcasing the evolution of lion dance.

Wishing the Best: A Message of Encouragement

All the Best, CMAA!

As the CMAA Youth Lion Dance Teams A and B head to Sibu, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a triumphant performance. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for lion dance are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing them shine on the stage and bring home accolades.

Follow the Journey

Stay tuned for updates on the competition and follow the journey of these remarkable young athletes. Use the hashtags #CMAA #Youth #Sarawak #Traditional #Southern #Lion #Competition #InterSecondary #Sibu to join the conversation and show your support.

Conclusion: A Cultural Celebration

The 2024 Sarawak Traditional Southern Lion Dance League and Inter-School Competition is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of culture, tradition, and youth talent. The participation of the CMAA Youth Lion Dance Teams is a testament to the enduring legacy of lion dance and its importance in our cultural heritage.


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