‘Don’t Pay The Teleprompter Company!’: Trump Has Problems With Teleprompter At Ohio Rally


Trump Can’t Read: ‘Don’t Pay The Teleprompter Company!’

'Don't Pay The Teleprompter Company!': Trump Has Problems With Teleprompter At Ohio Rally
‘Don’t Pay The Teleprompter Company!’: Trump Has Problems With Teleprompter At Ohio Rally

At his rally in Vandalia, Ohio, yesterday, former President Trump encountered an unexpected adversary: his Teleprompter.

During his address to supporters, Trump’s speech was punctuated by frustrations with the malfunctioning teleprompter, leading him to exclaim, “‘Don’t Pay The Teleprompter Company!'”

The event, which drew a significant crowd, showcased Trump’s characteristic style, filled with tangents and ad-libbed remarks. However, his struggle with the teleprompter stole the spotlight, revealing a moment of vulnerability for the former president.

Trump’s Teleprompter Troubles

In a scene reminiscent of past rallies, Trump’s speech veered off course as he grappled with the erratic movement of the teleprompter screen. Frustration mounted as he attempted to maintain his composure while addressing the crowd.

“It’s like reading a moving flag at a 35 mph wind,” Trump quipped, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. He continued, urging his audience not to pay the teleprompter company, a statement met with cheers from his supporters.

Trump’s remarks highlighted his ongoing feud with teleprompter technology, a relationship characterized by moments of both reliance and disdain.

Criticism and Commentary

Despite Trump’s attempts to dismiss the teleprompter malfunction as a minor inconvenience, critics seized upon the moment as emblematic of larger criticisms of his leadership style. Some commentators pointed to the incident as evidence of Trump’s inability to stay on message and his reliance on improvisation over prepared remarks.

Additionally, Trump took aim at the media’s coverage of his speech, accusing them of overlooking the magnitude of his rallies. He cited the size of his crowds as evidence of his enduring popularity, contrasting it with the attendance of past political figures like Ronald Reagan.


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