Empowering Sebuyau: Sarawak Energy Invests RM120 Million in New Substation to Enhance Electricity Supply


Sarawak Energy to Build RM120 Million Substation in Sebuyau to Boost Electricity Supply

Empowering Sebuyau Sarawak Energy Invests RM120 Million in New Substation to Enhance Electricity Supply
Empowering Sebuyau Sarawak Energy Invests RM120 Million in New Substation to Enhance Electricity Supply

Enhancing Power Infrastructure in Sebuyau

ASAJAYA, June 19: Sarawak Energy Berhad has unveiled plans to construct a new RM120 million electricity substation in Sebuyau, marking a significant stride in bolstering the region’s electricity supply capabilities.

Addressing Long-term Electricity Needs

The initiative is part of Sarawak Energy’s strategic efforts to enhance the capacity and reliability of electricity distribution in Sebuyau and its surrounding areas. Nazry Abdul Latip, the General Manager of Sarawak Energy’s Rural Electrification division, highlighted that the upcoming substation in Sebuyau will play a pivotal role in isolating the supply source from the existing infrastructure in Asajaya.

Advanced Infrastructure Solutions

Nazry Abdul Latip further elaborated on the technical aspects of the project, emphasizing the deployment of covered cables utilizing a medium voltage closed conductor system (MVCC) across Sadong Jaya, Sebuyau, and the Simunjan area. This innovative system is designed to withstand potential disruptions caused by contact with trees, ensuring enhanced stability and resilience in the electrical grid.

Utilizing Drone Technology for Maintenance and Monitoring

In a bid to proactively manage power supply interruptions, Sarawak Energy has integrated drone technology into its operational framework. Nazry Abdul Latip revealed that drones are being utilized to conduct aerial surveillance over Asajaya, Sebuyau, and Simunjan. This proactive measure has proven effective in swiftly identifying the root causes of supply disruptions, facilitating expedited maintenance interventions.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

The deployment of drones enables Sarawak Energy’s technical teams to pinpoint areas requiring maintenance due to issues such as vegetation interference or wildlife disruptions. This proactive approach not only minimizes downtime but also enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of electricity distribution in the region.

Future Prospects and Community Impact

The construction of the RM120 million substation in Sebuyau signifies Sarawak Energy’s commitment to meeting the growing energy demands of local communities. The upgraded infrastructure is expected to support economic growth by providing a stable and robust electricity supply, crucial for industrial, commercial, and residential development in the area.

Environmental Considerations and Sustainability

While expanding the electricity infrastructure, Sarawak Energy remains committed to environmental sustainability. The use of covered cables and advanced monitoring technologies aligns with their efforts to minimize ecological impact, ensuring that development initiatives are carried out responsibly and in harmony with the natural surroundings.


The forthcoming RM120 million substation in Sebuyau represents a milestone in Sarawak Energy’s ongoing efforts to modernize and expand its electricity infrastructure. Through innovative solutions and proactive measures such as drone technology, Sarawak Energy aims to enhance service reliability and meet the evolving energy needs of the region effectively.


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