Fan Bingbing’s Role as Melaka Tourism Ambassador: A RM500,000 Investment for Global Attention


Overview of Fan Bingbing’s Appointment and Sponsorship

Fan Bingbing’s Role as Melaka Tourism Ambassador A RM500,000 Investment for Global Attention
Fan Bingbing’s Role as Melaka Tourism Ambassador A RM500,000 Investment for Global Attention

The Melaka State Assembly announced on Tuesday, July 9, the appointment of Chinese actress Fan Bingbing as the Visit Melaka Year 2024 (TMM2024) ambassador, which involves a sponsorship amounting to RM498,347. This significant investment is aimed at boosting Melaka’s global tourism profile, leveraging Fan Bingbing’s extensive influence and reach.

Breakdown of the Sponsorship Costs

According to Datuk Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman, chairman of the state tourism, heritage, art, and culture committee, the state government’s expenditure is RM77,850, constituting only 16% of the total sponsorship cost. The remainder, RM420,497, is covered by several private companies. This comprehensive sponsorship package includes flight tickets, accommodation, transport, ground handling, professional services, and projector mapping at Encore Melaka.

Government’s Strategic Expenditure

State Government’s Contribution

The RM77,850 expenditure by the state government is allocated for promotions and organizing the programme in Melaka. This strategic spending is part of a broader initiative to attract international attention and tourism to the state.

Private Sector’s Major Share

Private companies play a crucial role in supporting this initiative by covering the majority of the costs. This partnership exemplifies a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors to promote Melaka as a top tourist destination.

Anticipated Returns on Investment

Immediate Impact on Social Media

Fan Bingbing’s appointment has already shown promising results in terms of social media engagement. During her three-day visit to Melaka, there were almost 1.2 billion searches about her, with 445 million searches specifically for Melaka. This surge in online activity highlights the immediate impact of her involvement on raising Melaka’s profile.

Long-term Tourism Benefits

Abdul Razak indicated that a detailed report on the returns for the state government would be tabled after the TMM2024 campaign concludes on December 31. However, the early signs of increased searches and online interest suggest a positive trajectory for Melaka’s tourism sector.

Boost in International Connectivity

New Flights from China

In addition to the social media boost, Melaka is set to benefit from enhanced international connectivity. Starting this September and October, the state will receive six international flights daily from China. This development is expected to further increase tourist arrivals and bolster the local economy.

Fan Bingbing’s Global Influence

Social Media Reach

Fan Bingbing is a globally recognized figure, with 63 million followers on Weibo (China’s equivalent of X) and 4.1 million Instagram followers. Her massive social media presence makes her an ideal ambassador for promoting Melaka on an international stage.

Acclaimed Career and Cultural Impact

Beyond her social media influence, Fan Bingbing is celebrated for her contributions to cinema. She has starred in Chinese, Hollywood, French, and Korean films, including the Hollywood blockbuster “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. In 2017, she was featured on the cover of Time magazine and named among its 100 Most Influential People, underscoring her status as a cultural icon.


The appointment of Fan Bingbing as the Visit Melaka Year 2024 ambassador is a strategic move by the Melaka state government, supported by significant private sector sponsorship. This partnership aims to leverage her global influence to boost Melaka’s tourism profile, drive international interest, and enhance connectivity with key markets like China. The initial results in terms of social media engagement are promising, and the long-term benefits are expected to unfold as the TMM2024 campaign progresses.


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