Fire Destroys Motorcycle in Sibu: Quick Response by Firefighters Prevents Casualties


Incident Overview

Fire Destroys Motorcycle in Sibu Quick Response by Firefighters Prevents Casualties
Fire Destroys Motorcycle in Sibu Quick Response by Firefighters Prevents Casualties

SIBU, June 19 – A motorcycle was completely destroyed in a late-night fire incident on Jalan Berjaya in Sibu. The incident occurred last night, prompting a swift response from the Sibu Central fire station.

Firefighting Efforts

In a statement released shortly after the incident, the fire station reported receiving the emergency call at 11:22 PM. Firefighters immediately mobilized to the scene, arriving promptly to assess and manage the situation.

Extent of Damage

Upon arrival, responders found a motorcycle engulfed in flames, with approximately 80% of the vehicle already destroyed. Fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported in connection with the fire.

Control and Cleanup

Firefighters swiftly brought the blaze under control by 11:30 PM, employing rigorous overhaul procedures to ensure the fire was completely extinguished and the area made safe. The entire operation concluded by 11:50 PM.

Investigation Underway

The cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time, with authorities initiating an investigation into the incident to ascertain the factors leading to the motorcycle catching fire.

Community Response and Safety Measures

Local residents and witnesses expressed relief that the firefighters were able to contain the fire swiftly, preventing any further damage or harm to nearby properties and individuals. Such incidents underscore the critical role of emergency response teams in safeguarding communities against sudden emergencies.


While the destruction of the motorcycle is unfortunate, the prompt and effective response by the Sibu Central fire station highlights the importance of preparedness and swift action in mitigating fire-related incidents.


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