Gawai Dayak Cultural Parade 2024: Major Road Closures in Kuching Waterfront from June 14-15


Gawai Dayak Cultural Parade 2024: Roads along Kuching Waterfront to be Closed from June 14-15

Gawai Dayak Cultural Parade 2024 Major Road Closures in Kuching Waterfront from June 14-15
Gawai Dayak Cultural Parade 2024 Major Road Closures in Kuching Waterfront from June 14-15

Major Traffic Changes in Kuching for Gawai Dayak Parade

KUCHING, June 14 – The roads along the Kuching Waterfront will be closed on June 14-15 to accommodate the Gawai Dayak Cultural Parade 2024. The announcement was made today by Sarawak Commissioner of Police Dato Mancha Ata.

Traffic Closure Details

The road closures will begin on June 14 at 2 PM to allow for parade rehearsals and will continue on June 15 from 6:30 AM until the parade concludes. The affected roads include:

  • Jalan Market/Jalan Masjid
  • Jalan Gambier/Jalan Power
  • Jalan Old Court House/Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang
  • Jalan Carpenter
  • Jalan Wawasan/Jalan Lebuh Wayang/Jalan Main Bazaar
  • Jalan Padungan/Jalan Bukit Mata
  • Abell Road traffic light junction/Jalan Petanak
  • Sri Aman roundabout/Jalan Abell junction

Alternative Parking Spaces

To minimize inconvenience, road users are encouraged to park their vehicles at the following designated parking areas:

  • Reservoir Park
  • Saujana Building
  • Taman Budaya
  • Top Spot Car Park
  • Sarawak Plaza Car Park
  • Civic Centre
  • Tun Jugah Building
  • Medan Pelita Building
  • Plaza Merdeka Building
  • Plaza Aurora Building

Safety Measures: Drone Restrictions

For safety reasons, the public is reminded that flying drones during the parade is strictly prohibited unless prior approval and permits are obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Stay updated on traffic conditions and plan your travel accordingly to avoid disruptions. Enjoy the Gawai Dayak Cultural Parade 2024 and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Sarawak!


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