Golden Future: Sarawak Mineral Deposits Unearths RM1.25 Trillion in Precious Metal


Sarawak Discovers Precious Metal Deposits Worth RM1.25 Trillion

Golden Future Sarawak Mineral Deposits Unearths RM1.25 Trillion in Precious Metal
Golden Future Sarawak Mineral Deposits Unearths RM1.25 Trillion in Precious Metal

Sarawak’s Mineral Wealth Unveiled

In a groundbreaking revelation, the Sarawak government has set its sights on a massive mineral bonanza following the discovery of precious metal deposits estimated to be worth an astonishing RM1.25 trillion. This monumental find, encompassing gold, rare earth elements, bauxite, and other valuable metals, promises to reshape the state’s economic landscape.

Discovery and Potential

Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan announced the findings, detailing that a comprehensive geological survey covering 32% of Sarawak’s expansive 12.4 million hectares has unearthed these extraordinary mineral reserves.

“Our state’s geological experts have estimated the value of these deposits, which are scattered across various districts including Bau and Sri Aman,” Amar revealed during a recent public event near Kuching. “The initial survey has just scratched the surface. With 68% of our land still to be surveyed, the potential for further discoveries is immense.”

Strategic Initiatives and Technological Advancements

Buoyed by the prospect of transforming Sarawak into a mining powerhouse, the government is now gearing up for ambitious exploration endeavors. Plans are underway to utilize advanced Canadian mining technology, following Deputy Premier Amar’s visit to Canada for firsthand insights into their mining practices.

“We are keen to adapt and implement cutting-edge mining technologies from Canada,” Amar affirmed. “This strategic move aims to maximize the extraction efficiency of our newfound mineral resources.”

Economic Implications and Development Prospects

The staggering value attached to Sarawak’s mineral wealth is set to catalyze significant economic growth, offering a diversified revenue stream beyond the state’s traditional sectors. The newfound resources are expected to generate substantial employment opportunities and spur ancillary industries, propelling Sarawak towards greater economic self-sufficiency.

Infrastructure Development to Support Mining Activities

In conjunction with the mining surge, Sarawak is concurrently advancing its infrastructure capabilities. The recent announcement of constructing 10 additional hydroelectric dams underscores the state’s commitment to bolstering its energy and logistical infrastructure, crucial for supporting extensive mining operations across various terrains.


The discovery of RM1.25 trillion worth of mineral deposits in Sarawak heralds a new era of economic prosperity and technological advancement for the region. With plans underway to expand exploration efforts and adopt state-of-the-art mining technologies, Sarawak is poised to emerge as a formidable player in the global minerals market.

As the state harnesses its newfound resources responsibly, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the socioeconomic transformation that will unfold in the years to come.


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