Governor Receives Visitors at Astana: Highlighting Sarawak’s Cultural and Developmental Engagements


A Courteous Reception at Astana

Governor Receives Visitors at Astana Highlighting Sarawak's Cultural and Developmental Engagements
Governor Receives Visitors at Astana Highlighting Sarawak’s Cultural and Developmental Engagements

KUCHING, June 20, 2024 — The Astana, Sarawak’s iconic symbol of heritage and governance, played host to a series of significant meetings on Wednesday, underscoring the state’s blend of cultural richness and developmental progress. At the heart of these interactions was the esteemed Head of State, Tun Pehin Sri Dr. Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, who graciously received notable delegations seeking to foster ties and share initiatives crucial to Sarawak’s future.

RECODA’s Mission and Vision

A pivotal moment transpired when the Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA), represented by its chief executive officer, Datuk Ismawi Ismuni, met with Tun Wan Junaidi. RECODA, mandated with overseeing strategic development across Sarawak, elucidated its multifaceted role encompassing investment facilitation, socio-economic projects, and initiatives targeting the upliftment of underprivileged communities.

Unveiling RECODA’s Agencies

Ismawi Ismuni highlighted the operational scope of RECODA, which includes the Upper Rajang Development Agency (URDA), Highland Development Agency (HDA), and Northern Region Development Agency (NRDA). Each agency contributes uniquely to regional growth, emphasizing sustainable development and community welfare across Sarawak’s diverse landscapes.

The Mowe Sha Liong Descendants Extend Honors

In another momentous occasion, Tun Wan Junaidi warmly welcomed a delegation representing the descendants of Mowe Sha Liong, a community deeply woven into Sarawak’s historical fabric since 1850. Cecil Adnan, Chairman of the organizing committee for the upcoming 7th Mowe Convention Festival, extended a gracious invitation to Tun Wan Junaidi to participate in this cultural celebration slated for July 5-7 in Kuching.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

The Mowe Convention Festival stands not only as a celebration of heritage but also as a testament to Sarawak’s commitment to honoring its cultural diversity. Tun Wan Junaidi’s honorary membership in the Mowe Family underscores the symbiotic relationship between governance and community, wherein leaders actively engage in preserving and promoting cultural legacies.

Bridging Past with Future

The convergence of RECODA’s developmental stewardship and the Mowe Convention Festival’s cultural festivities at Astana epitomizes Sarawak’s forward-looking approach rooted in its rich past. These interactions not only foster goodwill but also lay the groundwork for collaborative efforts that resonate deeply within Sarawak’s societal tapestry.


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