High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrest of Two Men Using Wi-Fi Jammer to Disable Home Security Systems


Arrest and Release: A Bold Return to Crime

High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrest of Two Men Using Wi-Fi Jammer to Disable Home Security Systems
High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrest of Two Men Using Wi-Fi Jammer to Disable Home Security Systems

In a dramatic high-speed chase, police apprehended two men suspected of using a Wi-Fi jammer to disable home security systems, including Ring cameras. One of the suspects was captured exiting the back of a police car, only to be arrested again three weeks later, this time with three other men. These men are believed to be part of an international burglary ring using advanced technology to surveil and target upscale homes.

High-Tech Tools and Sophisticated Tactics

A search of the suspects’ vehicle revealed cameras camouflaged with leaves, which police believe were used to monitor homeowners’ movements. By strategically positioning these hidden cameras, the burglars could determine when the houses were unoccupied. The men, all from Colombia, are accused of engaging in “burglary tourism,” traveling to the USA specifically to commit these crimes.

Brazen Burglary: Capturing the Act

One particularly audacious burglary was caught on camera, showing the thieves making off with a giant safe. Too large to carry, they were seen flipping it end over end to remove it from the house. The devastated homeowner, interviewed by Lisa Guerrero, showed the damage left behind and revealed that the safe, once bolted down in their closet, contained tens of thousands of dollars worth of cash and jewelry.

The Wi-Fi Jammer: A Burglary Enabler

The homeowners’ security cameras failed to capture the thieves entering through a second-floor bedroom window because the Wi-Fi jammer had disabled the system. Police Sergeant demonstrated a Wi-Fi jammer confiscated after a recent burglary, explaining how it renders all Wi-Fi devices useless, leaving homeowners vulnerable.

“It’s frightening to be honest with you because we don’t have any control over them using these devices,” the Sergeant remarked, highlighting the growing concern over the use of such technology in residential burglaries.


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