Jason Kelce’s Shirtless Stunt at Taylor Swift Meet-Up Sparks Fun and Revenge Plans



Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason Kelce, created quite a stir during a recent meeting with pop sensation Taylor Swift. He revealed the hilarious incident on his podcast, “The Heights,” where he also shared his wife Kylie’s plan for a playful revenge. Let’s dive into this amusing story that involves shirtless antics and Taylor Swift.

The Shirtless Surprise:

As soon as Jason and Kylie entered their suite, he announced his plan to take off his shirt and jump out of it. Kylie immediately warned him not to, but Jason, known for his determination, was undeterred. He was eager to have a good time, especially with Taylor Swift around to watch Travis’s football game.

Meeting Taylor Swift:

Jason, Travis, Taylor Swift, and his wife, Kelsey, were all in the same suite to support the Kansas City Chiefs in their game against the Buffalo Bills. Taylor Swift, a global superstar, had some words of advice for Jason – she encouraged him not to be on his best behavior. She wanted the encounter to be relaxed and fun.

The Bold Declaration:

Jason even gave Kylie a heads up about his impulsive plan to strip off his shirt once a touchdown was scored. He wasn’t seeking permission; he was determined to go through with it.

The Shirtless Moment:

When Travis finally scored that touchdown, Jason didn’t hesitate. He shed his shirt and leaped out of the suite. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough cameras around to capture Kylie’s reaction, but it’s safe to say she may not have been thrilled by his antics.

Kylie’s Revenge Plan:

What makes this story even more entertaining is Kylie’s cunning plan for revenge. She’s taking a page from Jason’s book and using his own words against him. Quoting Jason, she wrote, “I’m not asking for permission; I’m doing this.” It seems like she’s gearing up for a prank of her own.

Taylor Swift’s Reaction:

As for Taylor Swift, known for her love of cats, she may be supportive of Kylie’s revenge scheme. Taylor and Travis’s positive feedback about Jason’s enthusiastic stunt suggests that Taylor enjoyed the fun atmosphere.


Despite the potential payback from Kylie, Jason Kelce seems to be embracing the charm of his impulsive and fun-loving personality. The encounter with Taylor Swift was memorable, and it’s clear that Jason is all about enjoying life’s moments to the fullest. Stay tuned for more amusing stories from Jason and his podcast, “The Heights.”


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