Justice Update: July 25 Re-Mention Set in Lahad Datu College Student Murder Case


July 25 Re-Mention for Lahad Datu College Student Murder Case

Justice Update July 25 Re-Mention Set in Lahad Datu College Student Murder Case
Justice Update July 25 Re-Mention Set in Lahad Datu College Student Murder Case

In a significant development in the tragic case of Mohammad Nazmie Aizzat Mohd Narul Azwan’s murder at Lahad Datu Vocational College, the Magistrates’ Court has set July 25 as the date for re-mentioning the proceedings. This case involves 13 vocational college students, aged between 16 to 19 years, who stand accused of the murder that occurred on March 21.

Background of the Case

Mohammad Nazmie Aizzat, a 17-year-old male student, was found deceased in Bilik Asrama 7 Resak and 5 Belian, with the incident believed to have taken place between 9 pm on March 21 and 7:38 am the following day. The charge against the accused is framed under Section 302 of the Penal Code, read with Section 34, pertaining to joint liability for the crime.

Court Proceedings and Legal Representation

The trial, conducted in camera due to the involvement of underage offenders, has been overseen by Magistrate Nur Asyraf Zolhani. Deputy public prosecutor Ng Juhn Tao has been representing the prosecution in the case. Of the 13 students charged, eight have legal representation including lawyers Datuk Ram Singh, Kamarudin Mohamad Chinki, Chen Wen Jye, and Amirul Amin Rashid. One student is represented by lawyer Abdul Gani Zelika, while the remaining four are yet to secure legal representation.

Kamarudin Mohamad Chinki, speaking on behalf of the defense team, expressed their efforts to expedite the case’s transfer to Tawau High Court. However, delays in acquiring essential reports from the Chemistry Department have hindered this process.

Timeline of Events

The legal proceedings began on April 2 with the joint charging of the 13 boys in the Lahad Datu Magistrate’s Court. Currently, no plea has been recorded as the case awaits further developments in evidence acquisition and procedural matters.

Mohamad Nazmie Aizzat’s untimely demise on March 22 shook the community, prompting swift action by authorities leading to the arrest and subsequent remand of the accused vocational college students.


As the judicial process unfolds, the July 25 re-mention date marks another step towards seeking justice for Mohammad Nazmie Aizzat Mohd Narul Azwan. The outcome of this case holds significant implications for both the accused and the affected community in Lahad Datu.


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