Kelab Anak Bukit Saban Members Thrilled to Join Kuching Gawai Cultural Parade 2024


Excitement Builds as Participants Gear Up for Annual Celebration

Kelab Anak Bukit Saban Members Thrilled to Join Kuching Gawai Cultural Parade 2024
Kelab Anak Bukit Saban Members Thrilled to Join Kuching Gawai Cultural Parade 2024

KUCHING, June 15 – Members of Kelab Anak Bukit Saban are eagerly participating in today’s Gawai Cultural Parade, expressing their excitement and anticipation for this vibrant celebration of Dayak culture.

The participants, hailing from various villages such as Sungai Rian, Anyut, Ulu Paku, and Senunok, Ulu Paku, Spaoh, have been eagerly preparing for this event since last year. Palima Ngadan, a village chief, shared, “I can’t wait to be a part of this parade because me and my fellow villagers have been talking about this event since last year. When we participated in this parade last year, we realized how big of an event it was; hence, we wanted to join again this year.”

Leonora Lamban from Senunok, Ulu Paku, Spaoh, highlighted the meticulous preparations: “My friends and I prepared for weeks to find the right attire to wear.” She emphasized how last year’s event left a profound impact, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Dayak natives of Borneo.

Chambai Mancha, the head of the contingent, emphasized the significance of the parade, known locally as ‘Niti Daun’: “It is a celebration of Dayak culture and a moment of pride for all Dayaks.” He welcomed participants from all backgrounds, emphasizing that Gawai Dayak is a celebration for everyone, fostering unity and appreciation for Sarawak’s diverse cultures.

The Bukit Saban contingent holds a special significance as they represent the constituency of Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas, who is also the advisor for the state-level Gawai Dayak Festival organizing committee.

Today’s parade features a total of 99 contingents, including 13 floats and decorated vehicles, showcasing the diverse traditional attire and cultural expressions of Sarawak’s ethnic groups. The festivities have also attracted a delegation from the Kadazan Dusun ethnic group in Sabah, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the event.


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