Kuching’s Iconic White Cat Statue Shines with Eco-Friendly Decorations for Gawai Dayak Celebration


Kuching’s Iconic White Cat Statue Dressed Up in Eco-Friendly Deco for Gawai

Kuching’s Iconic White Cat Statue Shines with Eco-Friendly Decorations for Gawai Dayak Celebration
Kuching’s Iconic White Cat Statue Shines with Eco-Friendly Decorations for Gawai Dayak Celebration

KUCHING (May 29): Kuching’s iconic White Cat statue is set to embrace the joyous atmosphere of the Gawai Dayak celebration after receiving a special festive makeover.

Eco-Friendly Decorations Highlight Racial Harmony and Cultural Diversity

The Kuching South City Council (MBKS) has partnered with Sar-Alam Indah (SAI) to adorn the iconic statue with innovative eco-friendly decorations that celebrate the rich tapestry of racial harmony and cultural diversity. For the upcoming Gawai celebration, SAI has crafted traditional ‘kliau’ or ‘terabai’ shields from recycled tyres, reflecting the Dayak heritage of Borneo.

Unique Festive Additions: Gongs and Lighting Ceremony

Accompanying this symbolic piece are gongs made from a combination of recycled tyres and light bulbs, adding to the eco-conscious theme of the decorations. Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Dr. Sim Kui Hian, Kuching South Mayor Dato Wee Hong Seng, and several councillors participated in a lighting-up ceremony at the statue tonight.

Promoting Unity Through Festive Traditions

Dr. Sim emphasized that dressing up the cat statue for every festive season is a conscious effort to show unity and mutual respect, which are foundational to Sarawak’s culture. “Even in nation building, it is so important that all races and religions need to come together, publicly and privately as in visiting our friends and open houses. We are united because on every occasion, we find excuses to come together, which is what people admire about us,” he said when met by reporters.

Gawai Dayak: A Celebration of Gratitude

Meanwhile, Mayor Wee highlighted the importance of Gawai Dayak in showing gratitude and appreciation for the gods and nature for the harvest. He noted that it’s not only about celebrating the festive season but also about understanding its true meaning and showing gratitude for the government’s efforts.

“I am sure in the next five to ten years, we are going to achieve more. It may not be now, but for our next generations. So for all of us, we appeal to every Sarawakian to support Sarawak,” said Wee.


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