Lawas Car accident Leaves Woman Injured: Urgent Response and Road Safety Concerns Arise


Two-Car Crash in Lawas Leaves Woman Injured

Lawas Car accident Leaves Woman Injured Urgent Response and Road Safety Concerns Arise
Lawas Car accident Leaves Woman Injured Urgent Response and Road Safety Concerns Arise

Lawas, a quiet town in northern Sarawak, was disrupted last night as a collision between two sedans near Kampung Belangai on Jalan Trusan left one woman injured. The incident occurred at approximately 9:40 PM, prompting a swift response from the Lawas fire station.

Details of the Incident

According to the Lawas fire station, they received an urgent distress call reporting a two-car collision late last night. The collision involved a Proton Saga and a Proton Wira, both of which sustained significant damage. Upon arrival at the scene, a team of five firefighters found that bystanders had already helped evacuate all victims from the vehicles, except for one female who had suffered injuries.

Rescue and Response Efforts

The injured woman, who sustained facial injuries in the crash, was attended to promptly by the firefighters. They provided immediate medical assistance before transferring her into the care of paramedics from Lawas Hospital. The swift action of both bystanders and emergency responders ensured that she received timely medical attention.

Conclusion of the Operation

The operation to clear the accident scene and attend to the injured concluded efficiently by 10:27 PM, barely an hour after the initial distress call was made. Authorities have not disclosed the current condition of the injured woman or the identities of the other individuals involved in the accident.

Impact on Local Community

The crash has underscored concerns about road safety in Lawas, particularly on Jalan Trusan near Kampung Belangai, where the incident occurred. Residents and local authorities have previously raised issues about the road’s condition and the need for enhanced safety measures to prevent such accidents.

Road Safety Challenges

Jalan Trusan is known for its winding paths and occasional poor visibility, especially during nighttime. Residents have often called for better street lighting and road maintenance to improve safety conditions for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Community Response

In response to the accident, community leaders are planning to petition local authorities for increased police patrols and stricter enforcement of traffic laws in the area. They hope that these measures will deter reckless driving and reduce the likelihood of future accidents on this stretch of road.

Calls for Enhanced Safety Measures

The Lawas incident has reignited discussions about road safety across Sarawak, prompting calls for comprehensive safety audits of major roads and highways. Advocates argue that preventative measures such as better signage, road markings, and public awareness campaigns could significantly reduce the frequency of accidents in the region.

Looking Ahead

As investigations into the cause of the collision continue, local authorities urge motorists to exercise caution when driving through Lawas and to remain vigilant on the roads. They emphasize the importance of defensive driving and adhering to speed limits, especially on rural roads prone to accidents.


The Lawas community remains on edge following the recent collision, with hopes that increased safety measures and public awareness efforts will prevent similar incidents in the future. The injured woman’s recovery is being closely monitored by medical professionals, and updates on her condition are awaited by concerned residents.


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