Man Jailed for Stealing Health Supplements and Bird’s Nests from Kuching Pharmacy


Incident at Jalan Tun Jugah Pharmacy

Man Jailed for Stealing Health Supplements and Bird's Nests from Kuching Pharmacy
Man Jailed for Stealing Health Supplements and Bird’s Nests from Kuching Pharmacy

In a surprising turn of events, a 48-year-old man was sentenced to two months in jail by the Magistrates’ Court in Kuching today for stealing health supplements and bird’s nests worth RM525.60 from a local pharmacy. The incident, which took place on June 23, has drawn significant attention due to the unusual nature of the stolen items.

The Theft and Arrest

Magistrate Mason Jaro Lenya Barayan presided over the case, where Tiong Pak Ing, also known as Wong Pak Ing, pled guilty to the charge framed under Section 380 of the Penal Code. The crime occurred at a pharmacy located on Jalan Tun Jugah at approximately 6.38 pm.

According to the prosecution, a vigilant worker at the pharmacy noticed Tiong behaving suspiciously and decided to keep an eye on him. This decision proved to be crucial as it led to the immediate detection of the theft. As Tiong realized he was under surveillance, he hastily exited the premises with three boxes of health supplements and a box of bird’s nests concealed in his bag. He then fled the scene in a car.

CCTV Footage and Arrest

The entire theft was captured on the pharmacy’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. This footage played a significant role in Tiong’s swift arrest. Law enforcement officials apprehended him on the same day, and he was positively identified in an identification parade.

Motive Behind the Theft

It was revealed that Tiong intended to sell the stolen items to another individual. The health supplements and bird’s nests, which are often considered luxury items due to their high nutritional value, were likely targeted for their potential resale value.

Court Proceedings

During the court proceedings, Inspector Merylene Lindan Andrew Mang prosecuted the case, presenting the evidence that led to Tiong’s conviction. Despite the serious nature of the charges, Tiong did not have legal representation during the trial.

Magistrate Barayan, after considering the facts and Tiong’s guilty plea, handed down a sentence of two months in jail. This sentence underscores the legal system’s stance on theft and serves as a deterrent to similar crimes in the future.

Legal Implications

Understanding Section 380 of the Penal Code

The charge against Tiong was framed under Section 380 of the Penal Code, which deals with theft in a dwelling house, building, tent, or vessel used for human dwelling or custody of property. The law imposes stringent penalties for such offences, reflecting the seriousness with which theft is viewed by the legal system.

Impact on the Community

The case has sparked discussions in the Kuching community about the prevalence of theft and the measures in place to prevent such incidents. The swift action by the pharmacy worker and the use of CCTV cameras highlight the importance of vigilance and security measures in deterring criminal activities.

The Role of CCTV in Crime Prevention

The successful use of CCTV footage in this case underscores its importance in modern law enforcement. Surveillance cameras serve as both a deterrent and a crucial tool for solving crimes, as evidenced by Tiong’s quick apprehension.


A Lesson for All

The sentencing of Tiong Pak Ing serves as a reminder of the consequences of theft and the effectiveness of vigilance and modern security measures in preventing crime. While the stolen items – health supplements and bird’s nests – may seem unusual, the incident highlights the lengths to which some individuals will go for potential profit.

Moving Forward

The Kuching community is likely to see increased security measures in local businesses following this incident. It also serves as a cautionary tale for those who might consider similar actions, illustrating that the legal system takes theft seriously, regardless of the items involved.


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