Massive Explosion Shakes Iskandar Puteri: Factory Fire Ignites Panic and Evacuations


Late Night Blast Rocks Iskandar Puteri Residents as Factory Goes Up in Flames

Major Explosion Shakes Lima Kedai Neighborhood

Massive Explosion Shakes Iskandar Puteri Factory Fire Ignites Panic and Evacuations
Massive Explosion Shakes Iskandar Puteri Factory Fire Ignites Panic and Evacuations

ISKANDAR PUTERI: Residents of Lima Kedai were jolted from their late-night routines when a massive explosion erupted at a factory located in the Dato Yunus Sulaiman industrial park. The incident occurred around 11 PM on Monday night, May 27, causing widespread panic and concern in the local community.

Firefighters Battling the Blaze

As firefighters worked tirelessly to control the raging inferno, smaller explosions could be heard, culminating in a major blast that forced firemen and police to flee for safety. The scene was chaotic as emergency personnel scrambled to protect themselves from the escalating danger.

Immediate Response from Authorities

Johor Fire and Rescue Department director Siti Rohani Nadir confirmed that a distress call about the fire was received at approximately 6:37 PM. In response, the department dispatched a total of 50 firefighters from five fire and rescue stations, along with six volunteer firefighters from the Senai and Kulai Besar teams.

“We also deployed our assets, including three Fire Rescue Tender (FRT) vehicles, two tankers, one Light Fire Rapid Tender (LFRT), one Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP), one Compact Fire Rescue Tender (CFRT), and one Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS),” Siti Rohani said.

Factory Details and Firefighting Efforts

The affected factory comprises seven building units housing paint and lubricant processing facilities, which contain highly flammable materials such as solvent, acetone, and dimethyl ether (DME). According to initial eyewitness reports, the fire originated in the factory’s warehouse area.

“The department used both defensive and offensive techniques, employing foam to extinguish the fire,” Siti Rohani explained. “The fire has been successfully controlled, and cooling operations are ongoing until the fire is completely extinguished.”

Safety Measures and Investigations

Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the incident. Siti Rohani noted that the department is currently investigating the cause of the fire and estimating the total losses.

Meanwhile, Iskandar Puteri OCPD Asst Comm M. Kumarasan announced that residents living within a 500-meter radius of the factory have been instructed to stay away from the area to ensure their safety. “Once we receive advice from the Fire and Rescue Department that it is safe, we will allow residents to return,” he added.


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