Mayor Wee Alerts Public to Rabies Outbreak: Two Cases Reported in Bau and Kuching


Rabies Cases Confirmed in Bau and Kuching

Mayor Wee Alerts Public to Rabies Outbreak Two Cases Reported in Bau and Kuching
Mayor Wee Alerts Public to Rabies Outbreak Two Cases Reported in Bau and Kuching

KUCHING (June 23) – Two rabies cases involving stray dogs have been confirmed this week in Bau and Kuching, as announced by Kuching South Mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng. This alarming news was shared during Mayor Wee’s weekly Facebook live session, ‘Shall WEE Talk,’ on Saturday.

Locations of Rabies Incidents

The rabies cases were identified in two specific locations:

  • Kampung Merembeh in Bau
  • Jalan Belatoh in the Malihah area of Kuching

Community Urged to Stay Vigilant

Mayor Wee expressed deep concern over these incidents and urged the local community to remain vigilant for their safety and the well-being of their loved ones. He emphasized the importance of taking necessary precautions and being aware of the symptoms and dangers of rabies.

Importance of Vaccinating Pets

Call to Pet Owners

In his address, Mayor Wee encouraged pet owners to take proper care of their dogs, stressing the importance of vaccinating pets against rabies. “Vaccinations are crucial in preventing the spread of this deadly disease,” he stated.

Government and Community Efforts

Mayor Wee highlighted the need for concerted efforts between the government and the community to combat the spread of rabies. “Be it the government or me as the mayor, we are very concerned about the safety of our people. We hope there will be no more unwanted incidents,” he added.

Role of Elected Representatives

Equal Responsibility

Mayor Wee also emphasized that elected representatives have an equal role in helping the people and solving the problems faced by the community. He called for a united front in addressing this health issue, ensuring that all levels of leadership work together to protect public health.

Preventive Measures and Public Awareness

Steps to Protect Against Rabies

In light of the recent rabies cases, Mayor Wee outlined several preventive measures that the community should follow:

  • Avoid Contact with Stray Dogs: Do not approach or touch stray dogs, as they may be carriers of the rabies virus.
  • Report Stray Animals: Inform local authorities about stray animals in your area to ensure they are safely removed and tested for rabies.
  • Vaccinate Pets: Ensure that all pets are up-to-date with their rabies vaccinations. Regular booster shots are essential for ongoing protection.
  • Educate the Community: Spread awareness about the dangers of rabies and the importance of vaccination. Inform friends, family, and neighbors about the recent cases and the steps they can take to stay safe.

Symptoms of Rabies

Mayor Wee also educated the public on the symptoms of rabies, which can include fever, headache, excess salivation, muscle spasms, paralysis, and mental confusion. He urged anyone who suspects they or their pets may have been exposed to seek immediate medical attention.

Moving Towards a Rabies-Free Kuching

Achieving Zero Rabies

Mayor Wee reiterated the goal of achieving zero rabies cases in Kuching and its surrounding areas. He emphasized that this can only be accomplished through the combined efforts of the government, community, and individual pet owners. “With dedication and vigilance, we can work towards a future where rabies is no longer a threat to our community,” he concluded.

Final Thoughts

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

The recent rabies cases in Bau and Kuching serve as a critical reminder of the importance of staying informed and taking proactive measures to protect against this deadly disease. Mayor Wee’s call to action highlights the need for community cooperation and individual responsibility in ensuring the safety and health of everyone in the region.


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