Mexico vs. Uruguay Match Halted by Homophobic Shouts: Fans Invade Field, Game Abandoned


Mexico vs. Uruguay: Pause Due to Homophobic Shout

Mexico vs. Uruguay Match Halted by Homophobic Shouts: Fans Invade Field, Game Abandoned
Mexico vs. Uruguay Match Halted by Homophobic Shouts: Fans Invade Field, Game Abandoned

Match Halted at 52′ Following Anti-Discrimination Protocol Activation

In a highly charged match between Mexico and Uruguay, the game was halted for a few minutes at the 52nd minute after the anti-discrimination protocol was triggered. At that point, the South American team was leading with a commanding 4-0 score against the Mexican side. The incident took place at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, where fans directed homophobic shouts towards Mexican goalkeeper Raúl Rangel.

Incident Details

Unlike previous instances where the shouts targeted the opposing team, this time, the discriminatory chant was directed at Raúl Rangel. The Chivas player had just cleared the ball when the derogatory expression echoed from the stands. This prompted immediate action as per the established protocol.

Anti-Discrimination Protocol in Action

The anti-discrimination protocol dictates a multi-step response to such incidents:

  1. An initial public address announcement urging fans to cease the offensive behavior.
  2. A temporary pause in the game if the behavior continues.
  3. Suspension of the match if the behavior persists.

Following the announcement, the game was paused for a few minutes to address the issue, and fans were asked to refrain from making such expressions.

Uruguay’s Dominance and Fan Frustration

The match also saw the Mexican team, coached by Jaime Lozano, being thoroughly outplayed by Marcelo Bielsa’s Uruguay. Within 50 minutes, Uruguay had netted four goals, showcasing their superiority on the pitch. This performance added to the frustration among Mexican fans, who started booing their own team, exacerbating the already tense atmosphere.

Raúl Rangel, making his debut as the National Team’s goalkeeper, was notably one of the players targeted by the crowd’s displeasure. Despite this being an opportunity to showcase emerging talent, the decision to field substitute players did not sit well with the fans, especially given the high turnout. Over 50,000 tickets were sold for the match, filling most of the stadium’s 70,000-plus capacity.

Match Abandoned Due to Field Invasion

Adding to the turmoil, the match in Denver was concluded prematurely by the referee due to Mexican fans invading the field of play. This decision underscored the chaotic nature of the event and the heightened emotions among the spectators.

Social Media Backlash

The disappointing performance and the incidents during the match led to a wave of criticism on social media. Notable figures like Guillermo Ochoa trended online, with many questioning the absence of key players such as Henry Martín and Hirving Lozano. The fans’ dissatisfaction was palpable, reflecting broader concerns about the team’s current state and strategic decisions.


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