Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails in Pennsylvania, Plunges Carriages into River


Dramatic Derailment Near Riverside Drive in Lower Saucon Township

In a startling incident on Saturday morning, a Norfolk Southern freight train careened off its tracks, hurtling into the Lehigh River near the 2200 block of Riverside Drive in Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania. The locomotive is now partially submerged in the river, as images capture the aftermath of the derailment.

Swift Response to Contain Fuel Leak and Spilled Cargo

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, and there are no hazardous leaks, except for a ‘small’ diesel fuel leak, which Norfolk Southern confirms has been successfully contained using booms. The spilled cargo, predominantly plastic pellets from one of the cars, will also be promptly cleaned up.

CEO’s Pay Rise Raises Eyebrows Amidst Recent Environmental Disaster

Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails in Pennsylvania, Plunges Carriages into River
Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails in Pennsylvania, Plunges Carriages into River

This incident follows closely on the heels of revelations about Norfolk Southern CEO Alan H. Shaw’s staggering 37 percent pay rise in 2023, bringing his total compensation to a jaw-dropping $13.4 million. This increase in remuneration comes just one year after the company’s involvement in the East Palestine railway disaster, where thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals were released into the atmosphere, leading to extensive environmental damage and a financial toll of $1.1 billion.

Residents Still Grappling with East Palestine Disaster Fallout

Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails in Pennsylvania, Plunges Carriages into River
Norfolk Southern Freight Train Derails in Pennsylvania, Plunges Carriages into River

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, are still grappling with the aftermath of the 2023 disaster, where the train, carrying 700,000 pounds of vinyl chloride, derailed, causing rivers to be polluted, locals reporting health issues, and significant financial losses for Norfolk Southern.

Union Criticizes Pay Rise Amidst Industry-Worst Performance

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, a railroad union, has criticized the hefty pay rise, highlighting Mr. Shaw’s role in the industry-worst operating results and the company’s tone-deaf response to the East Palestine derailment. The union advocates for replacing Shaw with Jim Barber Jr., a former chief operating officer at UPS.

Norfolk Southern Defends CEO Amidst Safety Claims

In a recent proxy filing, Norfolk Southern expressed unanimous support for CEO Alan H. Shaw, citing the company’s commitment to safe and reliable service. The company claims to have achieved industry-leading safety results in 2023, emphasizing technological advancements, enhanced training, and improved operational procedures.

Latest Derailment Raises Concerns and Questions Company’s Safety Claims

However, the recent derailment in Pennsylvania questions the efficacy of these safety measures, leaving East Palestine residents skeptical. While air and water tests have not shown concerning chemical levels, locals remain worried about potential health risks.

Ongoing Cleanup Efforts and Community Support

The cleanup operation is estimated to cost $800 million, with Norfolk Southern pledging $74 million to assist East Palestine’s recovery. The company is allocating funds for park refurbishment, water treatment system upgrades, and building a regional training center for first responders.

President Biden’s Delayed Visit Sparks Outcry

President Biden’s delayed visit to the East Palestine disaster site, more than a year after the incident, has sparked public outcry. Locals expressed their frustration with banners and vocal protests during the brief presidential visit.

Norfolk Southern’s Response and Ongoing Investigation

Norfolk Southern assures the public that there is no threat to safety, and cleanup operations are underway. The company pledges to investigate the incident thoroughly to prevent future occurrences.

Cleanup Operations Impacting Nearby Road

As cleanup operations continue, a nearby road will be closed, with only the single lane portion of Riverside Drive affected.


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