President Trump Slams Biden’s Policies on Open Borders, High Interest Rates, and Electric Cars


In a fiery speech, President Trump criticized the Biden administration’s handling of various issues, including open borders, high interest rates, and the push for electric cars.

President Trump Slams Biden's Policies on Open Borders, High Interest Rates, and Electric Cars
President Trump Slams Biden’s Policies on Open Borders, High Interest Rates, and Electric Cars

In a recent address to a crowd, former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back in his critique of the current administration’s policies. He highlighted several key points, expressing concern over the impact these policies are having on the American people.

Open Borders and High Interest Rates

President Trump questioned the feasibility of maintaining open borders while simultaneously dealing with high interest rates. He emphasized the challenges faced by individuals in purchasing cars and the pressure to opt for electric vehicles, which he claims “don’t go very far.”

Concerns Over Electric Cars

A significant portion of President Trump’s speech was dedicated to the topic of electric cars. He expressed skepticism about their practicality, citing concerns about their limited range and the infrastructure needed to support widespread adoption. Furthermore, he criticized the idea of converting military vehicles, such as army tanks, to electric power.

Critique of President Biden

President Trump didn’t shy away from criticizing President Biden’s leadership, questioning his intelligence and labeling him as a “very low IQ individual.” He accused Biden of ordering policies detrimental to Michigan’s manufacturing sector, particularly the mandate for electric vehicles.

Support from Auto Workers

Despite the contentious nature of his remarks, President Trump garnered support from auto workers in attendance. He assured them of his commitment to bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States and pledged investments from other companies to support this endeavor.


President Trump’s speech highlighted his continued engagement in political discourse, particularly on issues related to manufacturing, electric vehicles, and border security. His remarks underscored the deep divide in perspectives between the current and former administrations. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the debate over these critical issues is likely to persist.


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