Rain Can’t Dampen Spirits at Charity in Motion Run: Over 600 Participate for a Good Cause


Charity in Motion Run Sees High Enthusiasm Despite Rain

Rain Can't Dampen Spirits at Charity in Motion Run: Over 600 Participate for a Good Cause
Rain Can’t Dampen Spirits at Charity in Motion Run: Over 600 Participate for a Good Cause

Enthusiasm Soars Amidst Drizzling Rain

KUCHING: Despite the drizzling rain, the participants of the Charity in Motion Run remained enthusiastic as they ran for a good cause to support the Social Welfare Council of Sarawak (SWCS). The event witnessed high spirits and a commendable turnout, proving that a little rain couldn’t dampen the passion for charity.

Over 600 Runners, Including OKU Members, Join the Cause

About 600 runners, including 20 people with disabilities (OKU) who are affiliate members of SWCS, participated in the run held at Saradise this morning (June 30). The diverse group of participants showcased the inclusive nature of the event and the community’s dedication to supporting social welfare initiatives.

Organized by Miss C’s Boutique and SWCS

Organised by Miss C’s Boutique and co-organised by SWCS, the run aimed to raise funds to support the non-governmental organisation’s (NGO) various social welfare-related activities. These activities include seminars, lectures, awareness campaigns, workshops, and youth training courses. The event also sought to increase public awareness about the existence and roles of SWCS in the community.

Celebrating SWCS’s 75th Anniversary

The run, which also coincided with SWCS’s 75th anniversary, featured two categories: a 3-kilometre (km) and a 7km run. This milestone added a special significance to the event, celebrating the council’s long-standing commitment to social welfare in Sarawak.

Flag Off by Batu Kitang Assemblyman

Earlier, Batu Kitang assemblyman Datuk Lo Khere Chiang flagged off the event at around 6:30 am. His presence and support highlighted the importance of such initiatives in fostering community spirit and support for social causes.

Deputy Premier Attends Prize-Giving Ceremony

Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Dr Sim Kui Hian attended the prize-giving ceremony at around 7:30 am, adding a touch of prestige to the event. His attendance emphasized the government’s support for social welfare activities and the recognition of the participants’ efforts.

Winners of the 10km Categories

During the run, Muhammad Shahir Abdul Rani won the first place in the 10km Men’s Open category, while Sally Yap won first place in the 10km Women’s Open category. Both winners took home a prize of RM500 and a trophy each, celebrating their remarkable achievements in the run.

Notable Figures in Attendance

Also present were Social Welfare Council of Sarawak (SWCS) president Chi Poh Yung, Sarawak Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) president Datin Dona Drury Wee, and organising chairman Chew Kim Soon. Their involvement and support underscored the collaborative efforts of various community leaders and organizations in making the event a success.

Raising Funds and Awareness for Social Welfare

The Charity in Motion Run successfully achieved its objectives of raising funds and increasing awareness about SWCS’s roles and contributions to the community. The funds raised will go towards supporting the NGO’s diverse range of social welfare activities, benefiting various segments of the community.

Community Spirit Shines Through

The event showcased the strong community spirit and dedication to charitable causes in Kuching. Despite the weather, the participants’ enthusiasm and commitment were evident, reflecting the collective effort to support and uplift those in need.

Looking Forward

As SWCS celebrates its 75th anniversary, events like the Charity in Motion Run serve as a testament to the council’s enduring impact on the community. The success of this event paves the way for future initiatives, fostering a culture of support and care within the community.


The Charity in Motion Run exemplified the power of community and the unwavering spirit of participants who braved the rain to support a worthy cause. With significant funds raised and increased awareness about SWCS’s vital work, the event marked a memorable milestone in the council’s 75-year journey.


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