RM174 Million Approved to Upgrade Electricity Supply in Samarahan Division, Says Julaihi


Ministry Allocates Funds for Vital Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

RM174 Million Approved to Upgrade Electricity Supply in Samarahan Division, Says Julaihi
RM174 Million Approved to Upgrade Electricity Supply in Samarahan Division, Says Julaihi

KUCHING, July 2 – In a significant development aimed at enhancing electricity supply reliability, the Ministry of Utility and Telecommunications has greenlit a RM174 million project targeting key areas within Samarahan division. This initiative, spearheaded by Datuk Julaihi Narawi, Minister of Utility and Telecommunications, is poised to bolster infrastructure amidst rising demand.

Addressing Increasing Demand for Stable Electricity

Speaking at a recent Ngiling Bidai ceremony in Sebuyau, Datuk Julaihi Narawi underscored the necessity of these upgrades. “The surge in electricity demand is driven by a marked increase in the use of modern electrical appliances across households, schools, and offices,” he remarked. This surge reflects an evolving lifestyle and heightened local economic activity.

Scope and Scale of Upgrades

The ambitious project encompasses various critical upgrades:

  • Double Circuit MVCC: From the Asajaya 33/11kV Substation to Batang Sadong bridge.
  • Double Submarine Cable: 95mm2/3C XLPE Cu crossing Batang Sadong river.
  • Single Circuit 33kV Covered Conductors: From Batang Sadong to the Sebuyau Ferry Terminal, extending further to Simunjan town and Gedong.
  • Transformer and Electrical Equipment Upgrades: Including VT/VR enhancements.
  • New Substation: Planned for Sebuyau to strengthen local infrastructure.

Collaborative Efforts to Ensure Seamless Implementation

Immediate action includes collaboration between Sarawak Energy Berhad, Sesco, local district offices, and community leaders. Together, they have identified and are addressing key issues such as:

  • Vegetation Management: Clearing trees around power lines to prevent disruptions.
  • Security Measures: Monitoring and preventing vandalism and theft of electrical cables.

Future Outlook

The approval of this RM174 million allocation marks a significant step towards ensuring sustainable and reliable electricity supply across Samarahan division. With these upgrades, the region is poised to meet growing energy demands and support continued economic development.


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