Royalty and Global Stars Set to Grace 27th Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak


Thousands Anticipate the 27th Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak

Royalty and Global Stars Set to Grace 27th Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak
Royalty and Global Stars Set to Grace 27th Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak

KUCHING (June 19) – The stage is set for the 27th edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), set against the picturesque backdrop of Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) in Santubong, where thousands of festival-goers and esteemed guests, including members of royalty, will converge. Dato Sebastian Ting, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry, and Performing Arts, confirmed that this year’s festival promises a blend of international music excellence and prestigious attendance.

Royalty Confirmed Among Distinguished Guests

Dato Sebastian Ting disclosed that the festival will host distinguished members of royalty, enhancing the cultural and global appeal of the event. Among the confirmed attendees are Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor and Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah of Perak. Both royal figures are expected to grace the festival with their presence, adding regal charm to the vibrant musical celebration.

Upgraded Facilities to Welcome Prominent Guests

Preparations for hosting such esteemed guests have been meticulous. SCV has undergone significant upgrades, including the construction of a spacious two-tier seating area for VIPs and VVIPs, alongside enhanced amenities to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for all attendees.

Enhanced Security Measures and Non-Protocol Nature of the Event

While RWMF maintains a relaxed, non-protocol atmosphere, security measures have been ramped up significantly. The presence of a dedicated protocol unit, alongside police and canine patrols, underscores the commitment to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all festival-goers. This year’s heightened security measures aim to cater to the influx of high-profile guests attending the festival.

A Platform for Global Music and Cultural Exchange

The RWMF continues to serve as a premier platform for global music and cultural exchange, featuring performances from acclaimed artists worldwide. This year’s headline act, the renowned Japanese artist Kitaro, promises to deliver a spellbinding performance, further cementing the festival’s reputation as a must-attend event on the international music calendar.


As anticipation builds for the 27th Rainforest World Music Festival, all eyes are on Sarawak as it prepares to welcome music enthusiasts, cultural aficionados, and esteemed guests from around the globe. With royalty among its distinguished guests and a lineup of world-class performances, the festival is poised to showcase the rich tapestry of global music and foster cross-cultural connections amidst the lush rainforest surroundings of Sarawak Cultural Village.


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