Sarawak’s Healthcare Future: New Private Hospitals Set to Transform Medical Landscape in Kuching


Premier: Proposed Construction of New Private Hospitals in Kuching to Enhance Sarawak’s Healthcare Capacity

Sarawak's Healthcare Future: New Private Hospitals Set to Transform Medical Landscape in Kuching
Sarawak’s Healthcare Future: New Private Hospitals Set to Transform Medical Landscape in Kuching

Sarawak’s Healthcare Expansion Initiative

In a bid to bolster Sarawak’s healthcare infrastructure, the state government under the leadership of Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg has announced plans for the construction of two new private hospitals in Kuching. This strategic move aims to significantly enhance the region’s healthcare capacity over the next five years.

Two New Hospitals Planned for Kuching

The proposed hospitals, slated to be located in Tabuan Jaya and Batu Lintang, will each accommodate 300 beds. This development will effectively inject 600 additional beds into Sarawak’s private healthcare sector, marking a substantial leap forward in medical service availability.

Expansion of Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC)

In tandem with these new facilities, the Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC), a state-owned institution, will also undergo expansion. Plans include increasing its bed capacity by an additional 300 beds. This combined effort is set to raise the total number of new private hospital beds in Sarawak to over 1,000, further solidifying the state’s commitment to healthcare excellence.

Foreign Management and Specialized Care

According to Abang Johari, the new hospitals in Tabuan Jaya and Batu Lintang will be managed by foreign entities, with a Singaporean company overseeing operations at the Tabuan Jaya site. Both hospitals are also expected to offer specialized services, including advanced cancer treatment facilities.

Attracting Regional Patients

The strategic placement of these hospitals aims not only to cater to local patients but also to attract medical tourists from neighboring regions. With plans for Sarawak’s own airline in the pipeline, these healthcare facilities are poised to draw patients from Kalimantan, Indonesia, and other parts of Borneo.

Economic Considerations

Highlighting the economic viability of this initiative, Abang Johari noted that the lower cost of living in Sarawak compared to Singapore played a pivotal role in attracting international healthcare providers. This move is expected to bolster the local economy while enhancing medical tourism in the region.

Enhancing Healthcare Standards

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining high healthcare standards, Abang Johari expressed confidence in the capabilities of Sarawak’s medical professionals. He underscored the government’s commitment to ensuring that these new facilities uphold exemplary levels of medical care.

Key Figures at the Announcement

The announcement was made during the official opening and gala dinner of the 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health (APCPH), where notable figures such as Sarawak Health Department director Dr Veronica Lugah and Kuching South City Council mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng were present. The event also saw the participation of healthcare experts and organizers from Business Event Sarawak (BESarawak), highlighting the collaborative effort to promote public health initiatives in the region.


The proposed construction of new private hospitals in Kuching represents a significant stride towards enhancing Sarawak’s healthcare infrastructure. With an emphasis on quality care, specialized services, and economic growth, this initiative is poised to transform the region into a healthcare hub for Southeast Asia.


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