Tragic End for Jacksonville Rapper Julio Foolio in Tampa Ambush: Attorney Confirms


Jacksonville Rapper Julio Foolio Shot, Killed in Tampa ‘Ambush’: Attorney

Tragic End for Jacksonville Rapper Julio Foolio in Tampa Ambush Attorney Confirms
Tragic End for Jacksonville Rapper Julio Foolio in Tampa Ambush Attorney Confirms

Tragic Incident Shocks Music Community

Celebrating His 26th Birthday Ends in Tragedy

TAMPA, Fla. – The music world was shaken early Sunday morning as Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio, born Charles Jones, was shot and killed in what his attorney describes as an ambush in Tampa. The incident occurred while Jones was celebrating his 26th birthday, just days after the milestone.

Unfolding of the Incident

From Airbnb to Holiday Inn

According to Lewis Fusco, Jones’ attorney, the rapper was initially celebrating his birthday at an Airbnb. The celebration took a turn when the gathering, which had attracted too many people, was shut down by police. In an Instagram story, Jones mentioned that the police had closed down the pool party and ejected them from the Airbnb premises. Subsequently, Jones and his entourage moved to a Holiday Inn hotel.

The Ambush in the Parking Lot

The move to the Holiday Inn, however, did not ensure safety. Fusco recounted that Jones was ambushed in the hotel parking lot. “The victim in this morning’s shooting is believed to be Charles Jones,” confirmed Tampa Police Public Information Officer Jonee’ Lewis in a press release. The Medical Examiner’s Office is yet to provide positive identification.

Multiple Victims in the Shooting

Injuries and Hospitalization

The shooting not only claimed the life of Julio Foolio but also resulted in injuries to three other individuals. These victims are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital and are reported to be in stable condition.

Social Media Reactions

Outpouring of Grief and Tributes

In the wake of the tragic news, dozens of fans, friends, and fellow artists took to social media to express their grief. A woman claiming to be Jones’ girlfriend shared a heartfelt post mourning his loss. The impact of his death resonated deeply within the rap community, particularly among those who followed his controversial but influential career.

Julio Foolio’s Controversial Career

A Figure in Drill Rap

Julio Foolio was known for his significant contributions to drill rap, a sub-genre marked by its gritty lyrics and depiction of street life. His music often included controversial references to gang-related violence in Jacksonville, a theme that both captivated and divided his audience. Over the past three years, Jones had survived two previous shootings in Jacksonville, underscoring the dangers inherent in his lifestyle and lyrical content.

Investigation and Public Appeal

Call for Information

The Tampa Police Department has launched an investigation into the shooting. Authorities urge anyone with information related to the incident to come forward. Tips can be provided by calling 813-231-6130 or via Tip411 through the TampaPD app.

Remembering Julio Foolio

Legacy and Influence

Despite his contentious lyrics, Julio Foolio made a significant impact on the rap scene. His ability to narrate the harsh realities of street life earned him a dedicated following. As the music community grapples with his untimely death, his influence on the genre remains undeniable.

The Road Ahead

As fans and fellow artists continue to pay tribute, the focus now shifts to seeking justice for Julio Foolio. The investigation is ongoing, and the hope remains that those responsible for this tragic loss will be brought to justice.


Julio Foolio’s death marks a somber moment in the music world. His life, marked by both talent and controversy, was tragically cut short, leaving a void in the drill rap community. As fans and loved ones mourn, the call for justice rings louder, seeking closure for a life lost too soon.


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