Tragic Fire Destroys Longhouse in Kampung Long Bangan Apoh, Leaving 46 Residents Homeless


Early Morning Blaze Consumes 14-Door Longhouse

Tragic Fire Destroys Longhouse in Kampung Long Bangan Apoh, Leaving 46 Residents Homeless
Tragic Fire Destroys Longhouse in Kampung Long Bangan Apoh, Leaving 46 Residents Homeless

MIRI – A devastating fire swept through the 14-door longhouse of Kampung Long Bangan Apoh in Baram early Tuesday morning, leaving 46 residents without homes. The incident, which occurred around 5 am, was reported to the Marudi Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) by Long Leng Village Chief Maester Lolle at approximately 9.05 am.

Fire Department’s Swift Response

A spokesperson for the Operations Center (PGO) of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Sarawak detailed the swift response from the BBP Marudi team. Led by Assistant Fire Superintendent Maureen Sim, three team members immediately set out for the location, despite the significant travel distance of 248 kilometers.

Complete Devastation Upon Arrival

By the time the fire brigade arrived at 3.04 pm, the longhouse, built with non-permanent structures, had been completely consumed by flames. Alongside the destruction of the longhouse, a four-wheel-drive vehicle and a motorcycle were also lost to the fire.

“The fire affected 14 families and 46 victims,” said the spokesperson in a media statement. Despite the villagers’ efforts to combat the blaze using available water sources, the fire had already engulfed the structure.

Efforts to Contain the Blaze

The residents’ quick actions prevented the fire from spreading to nearby units, which are approximately three feet apart. “The total number of houses in Kampung Long Bangan is 102 doors, and only 14 doors were burnt,” the PGO added.

Investigation Underway

The BBP Marudi team assisted the Fire Investigation Division of JBPM Zone 6 Miri in examining the scene to determine the fire’s cause and assess the extent of the loss. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are awaited.


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