Authorities Impound Boat Linked to Teenage Ballerina’s Tragic Death


South Florida Authorities Locate Vessel Involved in Mother’s Day Weekend Incident

Authorities Impound Boat Linked to Teenage Ballerina's Tragic Death
Authorities Impound Boat Linked to Teenage Ballerina’s Tragic Death

Authorities have successfully located the boat involved in the tragic incident that resulted in the death of 15-year-old ballerina Ella Adler. After an extensive search that offered a $20,000 reward, the sleek vessel with four powerful outboard motors was discovered docked outside a $4 million home in a secluded Waterway inside a gated community in Coral Gables. Law enforcement officials boarded and impounded the boat immediately.

Operator Identified as 78-Year-Old Carlos Guo Alonzo

An accident incident report obtained by Inside Edition has identified the boat’s operator as 78-year-old Carlos Guo Alonzo. Alonzo is listed as the sole occupant of the vessel at the time of the tragedy. The incident occurred while Ella Adler was treading water during a water skiing birthday party in Biscayne Bay. The boat reportedly struck her at high speed and failed to stop to render aid.

Investigation and Legal Perspectives

The incident has raised questions about whether Alonzo was aware he had struck someone. Maritime lawyer Michael Winlan expressed skepticism, suggesting it is unlikely that Alonzo did not know about the collision. “There’s a small chance that they didn’t know that they hit her and they just kept going,” Winlan said. “I think what’s more likely is that in fact they did know that they hit her and they decided to leave the scene.”

Ella Adler: A Promising Young Talent

Ella Adler was a gifted dancer who performed over 100 times in the Nutcracker with the Miami City Ballet. She attended an elite $50,000 a year private school and was known for her love of performing to Taylor Swift songs. Her grandfather, Michael M. Adler, serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium and is a prominent Democratic Party donor. The Adler family has received support from notable figures, including First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, who flew to Miami to comfort the grieving family.

Cooperation with Authorities

Authorities have confirmed that the owner of the boat is cooperating with the investigation. As the community mourns the loss of a young talent, the search for justice continues, aiming to uncover all details surrounding the tragic incident.


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