Baltimore Orioles Owner Peter Angelos Dies at 94


Passing of a Baltimore Icon: Remembering Peter Angelos

Baltimore Orioles Owner Peter Angelos Dies at 94
Baltimore Orioles Owner Peter Angelos Dies at 94

Peter Angelos, the renowned owner of the Baltimore Orioles and esteemed lawyer, passed away on Saturday at the age of 94. Angelos, known for his tenacity both on the baseball field and in the courtroom, leaves behind a legacy marked by resilience and dedication.

Angelos had been battling illness for several years, with his family confirming his passing in a statement expressing gratitude to the caregivers who provided comfort during his final years.

A Legacy of Leadership and Legal Acumen

The death of Peter Angelos coincides with plans by his son, John Angelos, to sell the Orioles to a consortium led by David Rubenstein, co-founder of Carlyle Group Inc. In his later years, Peter Angelos took a step back from the public eye, with reports indicating health struggles dating back to 2017.

Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr. paid tribute to Angelos, describing him as a proud Baltimorean who cherished his role as the owner of the Orioles. Manfred extended condolences to Angelos’ family, highlighting his contributions to both the team and the city.

From Blue-Collar Roots to Baseball Glory

Born on July 4, 1929, to Greek immigrants in Maryland, Peter Angelos rose from humble beginnings to establish a successful legal career after earning his law degree from the University of Baltimore in 1961.

Angelos made headlines in 1993 when he spearheaded a group of investors to purchase the Orioles, including notable figures like author Tom Clancy, filmmaker Barry Levinson, and tennis star Pam Shriver. The acquisition, which came amidst the team’s financial turmoil, marked a turning point for the franchise.

Despite maintaining an active role in his law firm, Angelos took a hands-on approach to managing the Orioles. His leadership style emphasized prudent financial management, prioritizing player acquisitions while also securing landmark legal victories.

A Champion On and Off the Field

In addition to his successes in baseball, Angelos achieved notable legal triumphs, including a $4.5 billion settlement against tobacco giant Philip Morris and securing compensation for asbestos-related cases.

Angelos’ commitment to baseball extended beyond the diamond, as he advocated for initiatives such as the Orioles-Cuba exhibition series, which brought together Major League Baseball and Cuban national team players for historic matchups in 1999.

As the baseball world mourns the loss of Peter Angelos, his legacy as a pioneering owner and legal luminary will endure, leaving an indelible mark on both the sport and the city of Baltimore.


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