Be Discerning of Postings on Social Media: Rural Folk Urged by Deputy Premier


Be discerning of postings on social media

Be Discerning of Postings on Social Media Rural Folk Urged by Deputy Premier
Be Discerning of Postings on Social Media Rural Folk Urged by Deputy Premier

Rural Folk Cautioned Against Blind Trust in Social Media Content

KUCHING: Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas has issued a strong caution to rural communities, advising them not to unquestionably believe everything they encounter on social media platforms. Speaking at a recent gathering in Bukit Saban, Uggah emphasized the need for discernment, particularly when faced with sensationalized posts involving prominent political figures.

The Impact of AI on Media Integrity

Uggah highlighted the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in generating convincing but false content. “AI technology can be both a blessing and a curse,” he stated, noting its potential to disrupt and deceive. Reflecting on recent instances where AI fabricated videos of political leaders like American Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump delivering messages in local dialects, Uggah underscored the dual nature of AI’s capabilities—impressive yet perilous.

Election Vulnerabilities and Social Responsibility

Expressing concern over the misuse of AI during electoral campaigns, Uggah warned against the propagation of misinformation, which he believes can sow confusion and animosity among the electorate. “False news can breed suspicion and hatred, undermining democratic processes,” he cautioned, urging mobile phone users to exercise vigilance when encountering potentially manipulated media.

Strengthening Political Preparedness

Shifting focus to local political strategy, Uggah urged members of his party, Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), to fortify their unity and readiness ahead of upcoming state elections. Stressing the importance of proactive planning, he advised against complacency, urging continuous vigilance against potential exploitation by political adversaries.

Transparency in Development Initiatives

In a related address, Betong MP Dr. Richard Rapu stressed the significance of transparency in community development initiatives. Addressing village chiefs and community leaders, Dr. Rapu emphasized the need for inclusive decision-making and detailed communication on project implementation details. He warned against unilateral actions that could lead to disunity and legal repercussions within local communities.


As rural communities navigate the digital age, Deputy Premier Uggah’s message resonates as a call for critical thinking and responsible social media consumption. His insights on AI’s dual nature serve as a stark reminder of the importance of media literacy in preserving social cohesion and democratic integrity.


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