Biden Ranked 14th Best President in New Survey: Historians Weigh In


A New York Times Piece Examines Biden’s Historical Ranking

Biden Ranked 14th Best President in New Survey: Historians Weigh In
Biden Ranked 14th Best President in New Survey: Historians Weigh In

On this Presidents’ Day, a new survey has sparked conversations about President Biden’s place in history. According to a piece in “The New York Times,” Biden finds himself in a mixed bag of poll results, with lower approval ratings compared to predecessors but a favorable ranking among historians.

Biden’s Standing in the Survey

The article highlights that President Biden’s approval ratings have been less than stellar in recent polls, trailing even former President Trump in certain aspects. However, a glimmer of hope emerges from a survey conducted among historians, where Biden secures the 14th spot, surpassing notable figures like Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Ulysses Grant. Remarkably, Biden’s ranking places him ahead of Trump, who finds himself at the bottom of the list as the worst president ever.

Historians’ Perspective

Discussing the rationale behind Biden’s ranking, historians emphasize the significance of his actions in ousting Trump from office and striving to restore a sense of normalcy to the nation. While the survey acknowledges Biden’s efforts, it also raises questions about the validity of measuring an incumbent president’s historical legacy while their term is ongoing.

Impact of Future Events

The article speculates on the potential impact of future events, particularly the upcoming elections, on Biden’s historical standing. Historians suggest that a win or loss in the next election could significantly influence perceptions of his presidency. Furthermore, Biden’s ranking sheds light on the enduring repercussions of Trump’s presidency, as he continues to be perceived unfavorably by historians.

Insights and Reactions

The piece delves into the broader discourse surrounding presidential rankings, with comparisons to past administrations and discussions on overlooked presidents like Chester McArthur and Franklin Pierce. While some advocate for reevaluating the legacies of past leaders, others underscore the complexities of measuring a president’s historical significance in real-time.

In conclusion, President Biden’s ranking in the recent survey sparks debates about his legacy and underscores the ongoing dialogue on presidential leadership and historical memory.


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