China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion


Jue Cheng King (JCK) Sets Sights on Kuching as Gateway to Malaysia

China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion
China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion

KUCHING (May 4): China-based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion Jue Cheng King (JCK) is poised to make its mark in Malaysia, with Sarawak as its initial target for expansion. The move signals the promotion’s ambition to extend its influence beyond China’s borders and tap into the thriving MMA scene in Southeast Asia.

Seeking Collaboration in Sarawak

Sarawak Mixed Martial Arts Association president Tsan Nieng Khai revealed that JCK, recognized as the largest MMA promotion in China, has singled out Kuching as its entry point into Malaysia. The decision follows an invitation from the Sarawak MMA community, indicating the region’s growing interest in hosting international MMA events.

“We have invited them here to do a courtesy visit to Sarawak so we can try to organize MMA events here,” Tsan Nieng Khai stated during a press conference held at the MMA Sports Hub in Kuching.

China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion
China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion

Pioneering Partnerships in Kuching

JCK founder and director Yang Yu expressed the promotion’s eagerness to collaborate with local partners in organizing events and nurturing MMA talent in Sarawak. Yang highlighted Kuching’s selection as JCK’s first destination outside of China, citing his longstanding relationship with Tsan Nieng Khai and the promising growth prospects for MMA in the state.

“We have traveled to many countries but in Malaysia, we decided to choose Kuching as our first destination to seek potential collaboration,” Yang affirmed.

Expanding Horizons

China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion
China MMA Promotion Eyes Malaysian Expansion

Beyond event organization, JCK envisions conducting training programs for MMA fighters in Kuching, leveraging the region’s strategic location and burgeoning interest in combat sports.

The JCK delegation received a warm welcome upon their arrival at the MMA Sports Hub, underscoring the enthusiasm for their Malaysian venture. The visit included a tour of the hub’s facilities, highlighting the potential for future collaborations between JCK and the local MMA community.

As Jue Cheng King ventures into Malaysia, it heralds a new chapter for the country’s MMA scene, promising exciting opportunities for fighters and fans alike.


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