CHPS Mile 4 1/2 and SMK Kuching High Shine at Kuching Wushu Tournament


CHPS Mile 4 1/2, SMK Kuching High Triumph at Kuching Division Wushu Tournament

CHPS Mile 4 1/2 and SMK Kuching High Shine at Kuching Wushu Tournament
CHPS Mile 4 1/2 and SMK Kuching High Shine at Kuching Wushu Tournament

Chung Hua Primary School (CHPS) Mile 4 1/2 Dominates Primary Schools Section

KUCHING, June 19 — The atmosphere at Sungai Apong Basketball Court was electrifying as Chung Hua Primary School (CHPS) Mile 4 1/2 emerged victorious, clinching the overall championship in the primary schools category at the Kuching Division Wushu Tournament. Organized by Jun Lun Professional Wushu Training Centre and sanctioned by the Wushu Federation of Sarawak (WFS), the three-day event showcased the talent of 140 athletes from 22 primary schools, 14 secondary schools, and two kindergartens.

Outstanding Performances by CHPS Mile 4 1/2

CHPS Mile 4 1/2 secured their title with an impressive tally of 20 gold medals, 12 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals, along with a fourth-place finish. Their stellar performances were highlighted by athletes such as Janessa Chong Ming Zhen, Bryan Wee Hao Quan, and Jayson Chong Jie Sheng, each contributing three gold medals. Crystal Wee and Ashley Ong Yee Ern also stood out with two gold medals apiece, showcasing their skill and determination.

Top Contenders and Final Standings

CHPS No. 3 followed closely behind in second place, securing 12 golds, six silvers, and two bronzes, while CHPS No. 6 claimed the third spot with four golds, nine silvers, and three bronzes. SJK Chung Hua Bako and CHPS No. 5 rounded out the top five positions, demonstrating the competitive spirit and talent present throughout the tournament.

SMK Kuching High Dominates Secondary Schools Section

In the secondary schools section, SMK Kuching High emerged as the champions among 14 competing teams, underscoring their dominance with a strong performance.

Stellar Achievements by SMK Kuching High

SMK Kuching High secured eight gold medals, one silver, and two bronzes, along with a fourth-place finish. Ashley Yong showcased exceptional talent by clinching gold in female nanquan, female optional nandao, and female optional nangun events. Evalyn Hellyson also made a significant impact with gold medals in Girls Group E 32-style taijiquan, changquan basic, and gunshu basic.

Notable Contributions

Additional gold medals were contributed by Siau Xin Yuan in female traditional fist and female traditional short weapon categories, further solidifying SMK Kuching High’s position at the top. Elicia Hellyson’s silver in female traditional short weapon and bronze in female traditional fist added to the school’s overall impressive medal count.

Recognition for Top Athletes

Primary Schools Section

In the primary schools section, Angus Tan Yan Hong of SJK Sungai Apong was celebrated as the best boy athlete, showcasing his prowess with three silver medals. Lim En Chee of CHPS No. 3 was named the best girl athlete, earning two gold medals and one silver.

Secondary Schools Section

Hong Wu Kang of SMK Sungai Tapang stood out as the best boy athlete, clinching three gold medals, while Amber Tan Ling Xin of SMK Bandar Kuching No. 1 received recognition as the best girl athlete, also achieving three gold medals.


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