Defending the Civil Service: A Testimony of Integrity and Merit


Miss Stansbury’s Recognition and Testimony

Defending the Civil Service A Testimony of Integrity and Merit
Defending the Civil Service A Testimony of Integrity and Merit

In a recent committee session, Miss Stansbury, hailing from New Mexico, took the floor to express her gratitude and emphasize the significance of the Civil Service within the federal government. With a background as an alumnus of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), her words carried weight as she reflected on the challenges faced by the Civil Service during the previous administration.

Upholding Merit and Nonpartisanship

Miss Stansbury began by acknowledging the attacks the Civil Service endured during the prior administration, referencing executive orders and relocations designed to disrupt the workforce. She highlighted the efforts of Democrats in Congress and the Biden-Harris Administration to safeguard the integrity of the Civil Service, stressing the importance of merit-based appointments and the avoidance of partisan influence.

A Call for Expertise and Institutional Memory

Echoing Miss Stansbury’s sentiments, Mr. Miller, also present at the session, emphasized the crucial role of the Civil Service in maintaining effective government operations. He underscored the tradition of nonpartisan service and the need for expertise and institutional memory within federal agencies. Mr. Miller highlighted the responsibility of political appointees to set agendas and make decisions, but he emphasized that the expertise of civil servants is indispensable for well-functioning organizations.

Safeguarding Democracy and Compliance

Drawing from her own experiences, Miss Stansbury recounted instances where civil servants played a vital role in upholding the law and ensuring compliance, even in the face of political pressure. She cited examples of civil servants raising alarms about potential violations and emphasized the importance of their role in safeguarding democracy, both domestically and globally.

Conclusion: A Grateful Acknowledgment

Miss Stansbury concluded her testimony by expressing appreciation for the dedication and service of civil servants, recognizing their role as the heart and soul of government institutions. With a call to action to protect the integrity of the Civil Service, she yielded the floor, leaving a resonant message for all those in attendance.


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