Devastating Fire Destroys Two-Storey Farmhouse and Vehicles in Sarikei


Two-Storey Farmhouse Razed by Fire in Sarikei

Devastating Fire Destroys Two-Storey Farmhouse and Vehicles in Sarikei
Devastating Fire Destroys Two-Storey Farmhouse and Vehicles in Sarikei

Emergency Blaze Destroys Farmhouse and Vehicles

Incident Details

SARIKEI: A tragic incident unfolded today (July 7) as a two-storey farmhouse located at Jalan Meruton – Jalan Hong Ming was completely destroyed by a fierce fire. The State Fire and Rescue Operations Centre (Bomba) reported receiving an emergency call regarding the blaze at 12:41 PM.

Immediate Response by Firefighters

Upon receiving the distress call, the Sarikei fire station promptly dispatched a team to the scene. The firefighters arrived to find the farmhouse entirely engulfed in flames. Despite their swift response, the structure was already beyond saving, with the fire consuming it rapidly.

Destruction Extends to Vehicles

In addition to the farmhouse, the fire also claimed a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle and two motorcycles parked on the property. The blaze’s intensity left no chance for these vehicles to be salvaged, adding to the material loss suffered in this unfortunate event.

Details About the Farmhouse

The farmhouse, which was meant to serve as a temporary stay-house, had no residents at the time of the incident. This fact undoubtedly prevented potential injuries or fatalities, making the loss purely material but still significant.

Firefighting Efforts and Conclusion

The dedicated firefighters worked diligently to control and extinguish the fire. After ensuring that the area was safe and posed no risk of reignition, they concluded their operation and returned to the station at 1:48 PM. The quick and efficient response of the Sarikei fire station played a crucial role in preventing the fire from spreading to nearby areas.

Investigating the Cause

Possible Causes and Next Steps

The exact cause of the fire remains under investigation. Authorities are looking into various possibilities, including electrical faults or external factors that could have ignited the blaze. The investigation will aim to determine the root cause to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Community Reaction

Local Residents Express Concern

The local community has expressed shock and concern over the incident. While relieved that no one was injured, residents are wary of the potential risks such fires pose. Many have voiced the need for increased fire safety measures and awareness to prevent such occurrences.

Importance of Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Prevention Tips

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of fire safety awareness. Ensuring that electrical systems are regularly checked and maintained, keeping flammable materials away from heat sources, and having an emergency plan in place are critical steps in preventing fires.

Support for Affected Individuals

Community and Government Assistance

In the wake of the fire, there is a concerted effort to provide support to those affected. Local authorities and community groups are stepping in to offer assistance, whether it be through financial aid, counseling, or other forms of support.


The destruction of the two-storey farmhouse in Sarikei is a poignant reminder of the destructive power of fire and the importance of vigilance and preparedness. As investigations continue, the focus remains on understanding the cause and implementing measures to prevent future incidents. The community’s resilience and the swift response of the firefighting team highlight the collective effort required to handle such emergencies.


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