Breaking News: E. Jean Carroll Awarded $83 Million in Defamation Lawsuit Against Donald Trump


In a landmark legal decision, former President Donald Trump has been ordered to pay $83 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll, who sued him for defamation. This marks the second trial brought by Carroll against Trump, and it comes on the heels of her previous victory in May when a jury found Trump liable for sexually abusing her and awarded her $5 million in damages.

Swift Jury Verdict

The jury in this trial, just like the one last year, wasted no time in reaching their verdict. It took them a mere three hours to decide on the outcome, capping off a contentious day in the courtroom. Trump briefly left the proceedings but returned to hear his attorney’s closing arguments.

Trump’s Reaction

Donald Trump, who is planning to campaign in Las Vegas, Nevada, soon, expressed his outrage over the verdict on his social media account. He called the decision “absolutely ridiculous” and vowed to appeal. In his statement, he also decried what he described as a “witch hunt” aimed at him and the Republican Party, despite there being no evidence linking the lawsuit to Joe Biden or the Democratic Party.

Changing Political Landscape

Eight years ago, during Trump’s presidential campaign, numerous allegations of sexual abuse and harassment were made against him. Back then, many Republicans downplayed these accusations, arguing that Trump had not been found guilty by a jury. However, the recent verdicts have altered the landscape significantly.

Now, with Trump being a likely contender for the 2024 Republican nomination, the situation has changed dramatically. He has been held liable for sexual abuse and is required to pay over $80 million to Carroll for defamation. This development could potentially impact the Republican Party’s support base, particularly among women.

Continued Denials

Despite these legal setbacks, Trump continues to vehemently deny the allegations. He recently posted a video claiming that the entire story was fabricated and that he had never even met E. Jean Carroll. Furthermore, he opted not to testify in his own defense during the trial.

Republican Party’s Dilemma

The Republican Party now faces a challenging dilemma. The jury’s decisions have placed Trump in a different position than before, and it remains uncertain how his staunch supporters within the party and endorsed elected officials will respond. While some may continue to stand by him despite the verdicts, others might reconsider their support given the gravity of the legal outcomes.

In summary, E. Jean Carroll has been awarded a substantial $83 million in damages in her defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump. This case, along with her previous victory related to sexual abuse allegations, raises critical questions about the political ramifications for Trump and the Republican Party. As the story continues to develop, we will be closely following the reactions and responses from all parties involved. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving legal and political saga.


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