Empowering Sarawak: MySRBN Prepaid Package Revolutionizes Rural Internet Access


MySRBN Prepaid Package to Boost Rural Internet Access in Sarawak

Empowering Sarawak: MySRBN Prepaid Package Revolutionizes Rural Internet Access
Empowering Sarawak: MySRBN Prepaid Package Revolutionizes Rural Internet Access


In a bid to enhance digital connectivity across Sarawak, the state government has launched the Sarawak Rural Broadband Network (MySRBN) home prepaid package. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide by providing affordable and accessible high-speed Internet services to rural communities.

Details of MySRBN Prepaid Package

At the recent ‘Sarawak Digital and Connectivity Day’ launch in Kuching, Minister for Utility and Telecommunication Sarawak, Dato Sri Julaihi Narawi, announced key details of the MySRBN prepaid package. The package includes a free home device and 300MB of complimentary data every month, catering primarily to basic communication needs such as WhatsApp messages and voice calls.

Flexible Usage Plans

Users exceeding the free 300MB allocation can opt for extended data plans:

  • RM5 weekly for 200GB data
  • RM20 monthly for 1TB data

This pricing structure significantly undercuts comparable services from other providers, priced at RM70 per month. Minister Narawi emphasized that these competitive rates were made feasible through state government subsidies.

Socio-Economic Impact

According to SDEC chairman Tan Sri Datuk Amar Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani, MySRBN is poised to revolutionize socio-economic dynamics in Sarawak. By facilitating robust Internet connectivity, the initiative is expected to foster local entrepreneurship and enhance educational opportunities for students through improved access to online resources.

Expansion and Community Engagement

Currently, MySRBN serves 19,668 premises across Sarawak through 490 sites, with ongoing registrations from communities within coverage areas. To maintain service eligibility, users must update their details via the MySDEC application, available on major app stores.


The introduction of the MySRBN prepaid package marks a significant stride towards realizing Sarawak’s digital ambitions. By prioritizing affordability and accessibility, the state government aims to create a more inclusive digital landscape, empowering rural communities with the tools for socio-economic advancement.


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