Empowering Sarawakian Talent: New Opportunities Unveiled for Aspiring Artistes


Be Bold in Highlighting Your Talents, Sarawakian Artistes Encouraged

Empowering Sarawakian Talent New Opportunities Unveiled for Aspiring Artistes
Empowering Sarawakian Talent New Opportunities Unveiled for Aspiring Artistes

Platforms for Aspiring Talent

KUCHING (July 10): Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts, Datuk Snowdan Lawan, has emphasized the availability of platforms for aspiring Sarawakian artistes to showcase their talents. Encouraging them to seize every opportunity, he highlighted the importance of starting at state or national-level competitions before aiming for international recognition.

Natural Gifts Shine Through

Speaking passionately about nurturing local talent, Snowdan Lawan referenced Dion Das Louis, fondly known as the ‘Little Bornean Birdie’. Louis, whose innate dancing abilities led him to victory at the 27th World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in the USA, serves as an inspiration. “He’s able to pick things up very fast and create something different and creative,” Lawan noted.

Fearless Self-Showcasing

Offering advice to budding talents, Snowdan Lawan urged them not to shy away from displaying their skills. “If you’re qualified to compete internationally, why hesitate? Our ministry stands ready to support you,” he affirmed, emphasizing that international competitions serve as litmus tests for talent.

Collaboration for Artistic Development

The occasion marked a significant step in Sarawak’s artistic landscape as Sara Entertainment Sdn Bhd and Rusa Marketing Sdn Bhd (Rusa Music) signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA). This collaboration aims to develop and manage Sarawakian artistes, enhancing their visibility and opportunities on both national and international stages.

Prominent Figures in Attendance

The MoA signing ceremony, attended by key figures such as Sara Entertainment managing director Rizwan Edris and Rusa Music director Bratt Pua, underscored the commitment to fostering local talent. Also present were Sara Entertainment general manager Bell Dzeeto and Rusa Music operations manager Bon Siong Hooi, signifying a unified effort towards nurturing and promoting Sarawakian creativity.


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