Finding Mr. Right: Practical Advice for Young Women


Understanding Earnings in Civil Service and Private Sector

M'sian woman claims her future husband must earn at least RM9000 in order to marry her
M’sian woman claims her future husband must earn at least RM9000 in order to marry her

In today’s competitive world, many young women aspire to find a partner who is financially stable. However, understanding the earning potential of men in various professions can provide a realistic perspective. To earn RM9000 in civil service, one typically needs to be:

  • ✅ A UD52 medical officer
  • ✅ A pharmacist with 10 years of experience
  • ✅ A senior lecturer at a university
  • ✅ PKHEM grade officer

These individuals are likely around 40 years old or older, often already married with 2-4 children.

In the private sector, the situation varies depending on the job. For example, a junior 1st or 2nd officer with AirAsia can earn around RM9000. However, considering the number of attractive colleagues, why would they choose you?

For professionals like lawyers, accountants, or auditors, reaching an RM9000 salary typically takes about 7 years of experience. These men are also likely married with kids.

Assessing a Guy’s Potential

Rather than focusing on current earnings, it’s wiser for young women to consider a man’s potential. Key traits to look for include:

  • 🔹 Is he hardworking?
  • 🔹 Does he switch jobs often?
  • 🔹 Does he have good financial habits?
  • 🔹 Can he control his spending at a young age?
  • 🔹 Is he a playboy who likes to hang out in pubs or social events?
  • 🔹 What are his hobbies?

These qualities can be indicative of whether a man can achieve an RM9000 salary in the future.

Smart Relationship Investments

Girls, before jumping into a relationship, if you want a guy who will be successful and provide a secure, happy future, remember that it takes time for men to increase their income. Look for traits that suggest potential growth.

Avoid just going for the handsome, charming talkers. If you’re in your early 20s and looking for men already making RM9000/month, you might end up being a homewrecker. 😆

Instead, invest smartly in your relationship. Find a guy with the potential to earn RM9000/month. Who knows, he might end up making even more in the future.


What traits do you think a guy needs to have the potential to reach RM9000/month? By focusing on these key characteristics, you can find a partner who is not only financially stable but also capable of growing with you.


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