Firefighters Calm Aggressive Woman at Miri Fish Market


Bomba Team Takes Nearly an Hour to Resolve Situation

Firefighters Calm Aggressive Woman at Miri Fish Market
Firefighters Calm Aggressive Woman at Miri Fish Market

MIRI (May 21): In an exemplary display of patience and teamwork, a team from Lutong Fire and Rescue (Bomba) station successfully calmed down a woman exhibiting aggressive behavior at Kampung Batu 1 Fish Market in Kuala Baram. The incident unfolded early this morning and involved a coordinated effort between firefighters and local authorities.

Incident Report and Response

The situation began when the Miri District police headquarters (IPD) received a tip-off from the public about a woman causing a disturbance at the market. At 7.10 am, the IPD called on Bomba Lutong for assistance. Chief Senior Officer II Henry Jugah of the Lutong Fire and Rescue station recounted that his team was promptly dispatched to the scene, located just 3 kilometers from their station.

“Upon arrival, they saw there was indeed a woman acting aggressively, as reported in the call,” Jugah explained. “After the size-up was done, the firefighters proceeded to calm the woman down.”

Resolution and Ongoing Investigation

It took the team approximately 50 minutes to de-escalate the situation and ensure the woman’s safety. Jugah noted that the woman, in her 20s, was dealing with personal family issues, which likely contributed to her distress.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” he added, indicating that further details would be forthcoming as they look into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Support from the Community

In a collaborative effort, the woman’s manager from her workplace also arrived at the scene to assist the firefighters in persuading her to calm down. This collective approach underscores the importance of community support in handling such sensitive situations.

The incident highlights the dedication and skill of the Lutong Fire and Rescue team, who not only respond to fires but also manage a range of emergency situations with professionalism and care.


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