Floating Bookfair Doulos Hope Sets Sail for Kuching Visit in August 2024


Floating Bookfair Doulos Hope Scheduled to Dock in Kuching from August 1 to 29

Floating Bookfair Doulos Hope Sets Sail for Kuching Visit in August 2024
Floating Bookfair Doulos Hope Sets Sail for Kuching Visit in August 2024

KUCHING Readies for the Arrival of Doulos Hope

KUCHING, June 17 — Excitement is building in Kuching as the floating bookfair Doulos Hope prepares to make its much-anticipated visit from August 1 to 29, as announced by GBA Ships, the vessel’s operator.

Doulos Hope, currently stationed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from June 4 to July 5, is set to embark on its next journey to Singapore from July 9 to 29 before arriving in Kuching. This follows last year’s unfortunate cancellation of its planned visit to Sarawak’s capital, which left many book lovers disappointed. The cancellation was attributed to logistical challenges at the time.

The bookfair, known for its vast collection of over 2,000 titles, is expected to attract visitors eager to explore its offerings onboard. Doulos Hope, measuring 85.5 meters in length with a gross tonnage of 3,370, is operated by GBA Ships, an organization dedicated to promoting literacy, education, and cultural exchange through community engagement.

“We are thrilled to welcome Doulos Hope to Kuching and look forward to fostering a love for reading and learning within our community,” expressed a local official.

Doulos Hope’s Mission and Impact

GBA Ships operates Doulos Hope alongside its sister vessel, Logos Hope, both committed to enhancing literacy worldwide and fostering cultural understanding through accessible literature. The ships aim to serve as floating bookstores that bring knowledge and social awareness to every port they visit.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Doulos Hope in Kuching this August! Stay tuned for more updates closer to its arrival.


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