Former Bank Teller on the Run: Accused of Draining Elderly Woman’s Savings


Elaborate Scheme Unveiled: Allegations of $140,000 Theft Surface

In a startling revelation, a former bank teller, 29-year-old Cecilia Brown, is now a fugitive after purportedly embezzling nearly $140,000 from the account of an elderly woman, reducing it to less than $2. ABC 13’s S Jiovanni Lieggi is live in the newsroom, dissecting the court documents and shedding light on the alleged deception.

Bank Cooperation and Confirmation

Addressing the unfolding situation, Frost Bank has confirmed that Brown is no longer employed, expressing cooperation with law enforcement in the ongoing investigation. The bank assures the public that steps are being taken to assist authorities in resolving the matter.

Betrayal of Trust: An 86-Year-Old Victim

The court documents paint a disheartening picture of an 86-year-old woman who, believing in a trusted relationship, had her savings decimated by someone she considered like a daughter. Brown’s intricate scheme reportedly spanned several months, revealing a methodical exploitation of trust.

Methodical Scheme: From Vault Room to Cash Stuffed Boxes

According to accounts from Brown’s former supervisor, the accused allegedly accessed the bank’s vault, clandestinely pocketing stacks of cash. The funds were then purportedly concealed under innocuous papers, before being discreetly placed back at the teller counter. The accused would then exit the bank with cash-filled boxes, at times carrying tens of thousands of dollars.

Justice Pursued: Warrant Issued for Cecilia Brown

Despite efforts to reach Cecilia Brown for comment, she remains elusive. A warrant for her arrest is now active, indicating the severity of the allegations. Meanwhile, Frost Bank has taken steps to rectify the situation by confirming the repayment of the entire sum to the 86-year-old victim.

Vigilance Urged: Protecting Against Financial Exploitation

In response to the unfolding events, ABC 13’s Erica seeks advice on preventing such incidents. Giovanni emphasizes vigilance, urging individuals to closely monitor their bank transactions. Particularly, he notes the vulnerability of elderly individuals who are often targeted in financial schemes. Stay tuned for further updates as this developing story continues to unfold.


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