Jafar Jackson and Nia Long Spotted on Set of Michael Jackson Biopic


Behind-the-Scenes Look at Jafar Jackson’s Transformation into Uncle Michael

In a whirlwind of excitement for fans, Jafar Jackson and Nia Long were recently spotted on the set of their highly anticipated Michael Jackson biopic. This sighting comes just days after the release of captivating photos showcasing Jafar’s remarkable transformation into the King of Pop.

Jafar’s Uncanny Resemblance to Uncle Michael

Donning the trademark attire reminiscent of MJ, Jafar was seen behind the scenes sporting a white dress shirt, a black tie, and classic black pants. But what truly caught everyone’s attention was Jafar’s emulation of Michael’s iconic curly hair. The son of Germaine Jackson, Jafar has truly become a spitting image of his legendary uncle.

A Tribute to Michael’s Legacy

Reflecting on Michael’s enduring influence, a family insider shared, “We think of him every day and there’s not an hour that goes by he doesn’t come across our mind because of just the music and just the memories.” Alongside Jafar, Nia Long was seen in costume portraying the family matriarch, Catherine Jackson.

Filming Scenes in Los Angeles

While details on the specific scenes being filmed remain under wraps, the production was captured outside Los Angeles in Encino, where Michael resided for years at the Jackson family compound. Catherine Jackson, expressing her delight over Jafar’s casting last year, remarked, “Jafar embodies my son.”

Coleman Domingo Takes on the Role of Joe Jackson

Adding depth to the narrative, Coleman Domingo is set to portray the patriarch, Joe Jackson. Fresh off his accolades at the Oscars, Domingo describes the role as “rich, complex, and flawed.” He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to Michael’s legacy through his portrayal.

Anticipation Builds for the Biopic

While casting details for other prominent family members such as Janet and Latoya Jackson are still pending, fans eagerly await the release of the biopic on April 18th, 2025. Until then, speculation abounds regarding which iconic Michael moments will grace the silver screen.

Prince Jackson Reflects on His Father’s Legacy

In a touching tribute, Michael’s eldest son, Prince Jackson, shared insights into his father’s profound impact beyond music. “He always used to say, you know, people call me the greatest entertainer of all time, but that’s not really what I stand for.” Prince emphasized Michael’s desire to be remembered as a philanthropist and humanitarian, spreading messages of love and peace.


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