Joe Biden’s Record Under Fire: A Nation on the Brink


Escaping Accountability: Biden’s State of the Union Address Fails to Impress

Joe Biden's Record Under Fire A Nation on the Brink
Joe Biden’s Record Under Fire A Nation on the Brink

In a scathing critique, former President Donald Trump accuses Joe Biden of running from his record and resorting to lies to evade accountability for the devastating state of the nation. Despite Biden’s attempt to reassure the public during his recent State of the Union Address, the facts speak for themselves.

Trump’s Bold Claims: A Secure Border Dismantled

When Trump left office, he claims to have handed Joe Biden the most secure border in U.S. history. Trump highlights achievements such as “Remain in Mexico,” tough-to-get safe third agreements, the Asylum ban, title 42, 571 miles of border wall, and rapid deportations. According to top officials like Tom Homan and Brandon Judd, it was the single best border in recorded history.

The Unraveling Horror Show: Biden’s Reckless Policies

Contrary to Trump’s claims, Biden, along with his radical left allies, deliberately dismantled each of these policies. The result, according to Trump, is a “horror show” where the country is being ridiculed globally. Trump alleges that Biden actively aided the importation of millions of illegal alien migrants, with the potential consequence of having close to 20 million undocumented individuals in the U.S. by the end of Biden’s term.

Importing Voters: Biden’s Hidden Agenda

Trump accuses Biden of prioritizing the transformation of illegal aliens into voting citizens. Despite Biden’s rhetoric, Trump contends that actions speak louder than words, asserting that Biden’s true priority is to import a colossal new illegal alien population and let them stay.

Shrinkflation: A Ridiculous Notion Blamed on Biden

In addition to border issues, Trump criticizes Biden for the concept of “shrinkflation,” dismissing it as another term for inflation. Trump attributes the country’s economic challenges, including inflation, to Biden’s leadership, claiming that trillions of dollars were looted by Biden’s party, funding illegal aliens and the controversial green energy initiatives.

Time to Say Goodbye: Trump Calls for Biden’s Ouster

In conclusion, Trump boldly declares that it’s time to tell “crooked Joe Biden” that he’s fired, emphasizing the need for a change in leadership to address the pressing issues facing the nation.


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