Justin Timberlake Arrested for DUI in Sag Harbor: What We Know So Far


Justin Timberlake arrested and accused of driving while intoxicated

Justin Timberlake Arrested for DUI in Sag Harbor What We Know So Far
Justin Timberlake Arrested for DUI in Sag Harbor What We Know So Far

SAG HARBOR, N.Y. (AP) — Pop icon Justin Timberlake was arrested early Tuesday morning in Sag Harbor, New York, after being accused of driving under the influence. The arrest has sparked a media frenzy and drawn attention to the quiet, upscale community in the Hamptons.

Timberlake’s Arrest Details

The Incident

Justin Timberlake, 43, was pulled over at approximately 12:30 a.m. while driving his 2025 BMW. According to court documents, he ran a stop sign and veered out of his lane, prompting a police officer to stop him. The officer reported that Timberlake exhibited signs of intoxication, including bloodshot and glassy eyes, slurred speech, and an unsteady gait. The documents noted a strong smell of alcohol on his breath and his poor performance on standardized field sobriety tests.

Timberlake’s Response

Timberlake allegedly told the officer that he had consumed one martini and was following friends home. However, after being arrested and taken to a police station in nearby East Hampton, he refused to take a breath test.

Legal Proceedings

After his arrest, Timberlake was arraigned in Sag Harbor and released without bond. He faces a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, and his next court date is set for July 26. Edward Burke Jr., a local attorney representing Timberlake, confirmed that the star does not need to appear in person for his upcoming court date. Timberlake’s representatives in California have not responded to multiple requests for comment.

Community Reaction

Local and Celebrity Interest

The arrest has brought an influx of curiosity seekers to Sag Harbor’s quaint Main Street. Many have been seen taking photos in front of the village’s brick municipal building throughout the day. Even music legend Billy Joel, a local resident, was spotted observing the scene outside the American Hotel, located next to the courthouse where Timberlake was spotted before his arrest. Joel, however, refrained from commenting on the incident, stating, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Justin Timberlake: A Storied Career

From Mouseketeer to Music Superstar

Justin Timberlake began his career as a Disney Mouseketeer alongside future stars like Britney Spears. He gained fame as a member of the boy band NSYNC before launching a successful solo career in 2002. Timberlake has since become one of pop music’s most influential figures, known for hits like “Cry Me A River,” “SexyBack,” “What Goes Around…Comes Around,” and “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” He has also performed at multiple Super Bowl halftime shows, including the infamous 2004 incident involving Janet Jackson.

Acting and Recent Projects

In addition to his music career, Timberlake has achieved acclaim as an actor, appearing in films like “The Social Network” and “Friends With Benefits.” He has won four Primetime Emmy Awards and continues to be a prominent figure in entertainment. Last year, Timberlake was in the headlines due to Britney Spears’ memoir, which detailed their past relationship. Recently, he released his first new album in six years, titled “Everything I Thought It Was.”

Upcoming Performances

Despite the arrest, Timberlake is scheduled to perform in Chicago this Friday and Saturday, followed by shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 25 and 26.

Sag Harbor: A Celebrity Haven

A Storied Village

Sag Harbor, a former whaling village mentioned in Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick,” is located about 100 miles east of New York City. It has traditionally been a more low-key alternative to its glitzy Hamptons neighbors, known for its community-oriented feel and historic charm.

Prominent Residents

The village has long been home to notable residents, including Billy Joel, former CNN host Don Lemon, and Nobel Prize-winning novelist John Steinbeck. In recent years, it has become a popular destination for celebrities and tourists, leading to concerns among some residents about the village’s changing character.


Justin Timberlake’s recent arrest for DUI in Sag Harbor has captivated the public’s attention, drawing a mix of curiosity and concern from fans and locals alike. As the legal proceedings unfold, Timberlake’s storied career and future performances remain a focal point for his supporters.


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