Kelce Brothers Speak Out Following Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting


Travis and Jason Kelce Express Condolences and Plans for Contribution

Kelce Brothers Speak Out Following Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting
Kelce Brothers Speak Out Following Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting

Travis and Jason Kelce, NFL stars and brothers, have broken their silence following the tragic shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade last week. The duo shared a heartfelt message on Instagram ahead of the release of their upcoming podcast episode on Wednesday.

Reflecting on Tragedy

In their Instagram message, Travis and Jason Kelce expressed their condolences to the victims and families affected by the shooting, which resulted in one fatality and over 20 injuries. They acknowledged the solemnity of the situation and felt compelled to address their followers before releasing their podcast episode.

Plans for Contribution

While still reeling from the events of the parade, the Kelce brothers are committed to making contributions to support the victims and the Kansas City community. They encouraged fans to donate to the Chiefs Emergency Response Fund, which provides assistance to victims and their families, supports violence prevention initiatives, and offers mental health services for first responders.

Looking Ahead

Travis and Jason Kelce assured their followers that they are actively exploring ways to get involved beyond monetary donations. They expressed their dedication to finding meaningful ways to support the community and promised to keep their followers informed about their future initiatives.

Chiefs Organization Responds

Following the tragic incident, the Kansas City Chiefs organization expressed solidarity with those affected by the shooting. A source close to the team revealed that Travis Kelce, in particular, is deeply affected by the events and is dedicated to supporting his teammates and the Kansas City community during this difficult time.

Unity in Adversity

Despite the overshadowing of the Super Bowl victory celebrations by the shooting, the Chiefs organization remains hopeful for healing and unity in the city. The source emphasized the importance of standing united during challenging times and reiterated the team’s commitment to supporting the community.

In conclusion, as Travis and Jason Kelce navigate their response to the tragic shooting, the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans stand together in solidarity, seeking healing and unity in the face of adversity.

Kelce Brothers Speak Out Following Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting


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