Kelly Clarkson Opens Up: Embracing Single Life and Prioritizing Family


The Grammy-Winning Singer Shares Insights on Love, Life, and Repotting

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up: Embracing Single Life and Prioritizing Family
Kelly Clarkson Opens Up: Embracing Single Life and Prioritizing Family

In a candid interview on her daytime talk show, Kelly Clarkson opened up to Hoda Kotb about her contentment with the single life and her dedication to family. The Grammy-winning singer, who has been navigating life post-divorce, revealed that she’s thriving without a romantic partner.

Kelly’s Take on Dating: “Not Even a Little Bit”

Clarkson expressed her lack of interest in dating, stating, “Do you ever think about going out on a date? I am really loving not having a man in my life.” The artist, who has been co-parenting her two children with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock since their split in 2020, emphasized her commitment to her children above all else.

Juggling Acts: Kelly’s Busy Life

With hosting her show and caring for her 9-year-old daughter River and 7-year-old son Remington, Kelly emphasized the challenges of balancing work, parenting, and being present for her kids. Despite the hurdles, she remains booked and busy, prioritizing her children over everything else.

A Fresh Start in the Big Apple

Notably, Clarkson made a significant life change by uprooting her talk show from LA to New York City. She described the move as “repotting,” highlighting the positive impact it had on her and her children. The shift allowed them to engage more outside their home, fostering a richer life in the vibrant city.

Hoda Celebrates Kelly’s Journey

Hoda Kotb couldn’t help but celebrate her friend’s courageous move. She commended Kelly for “repotting” herself and turning her life around after a challenging period. The talk show host praised Kelly’s resilience and the positive changes that have unfolded since her relocation to New York City.

Hoda Dives Back into the Dating Scene

While Kelly revels in the joys of single life, Hoda Kotb, on the other hand, shared a personal revelation. After separating from her ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman in 2022, Hoda is venturing back into the dating pool. She disclosed a recent date, marking a significant moment in her post-divorce journey.


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